The America Game opens its 3rd Fun-Filled Treasure Hunt Game with a St. Patrick’s theme

Feb 23, 2021

The America Game opens its St. Patrick’s theme FREE Treasure Hunt Game. No registration fee and No credit card required on free game with a $100 cash prize.

In several events, treasure hunts can really add some fun memories. Treasure hunts are designed to be played either in groups or independently, and if played either way, they can be enjoyable. You are never too old to be interested and have fun in a treasure hunt.

Treasure hunts are great to have at kids’ birthday parties. By creating a Treasure hunt list of things that go with the theme of the party can really make the kids have a great time. Kids love to play games like hide-and-seek, even when you’re hiding items, and they have to seek it out. It’s a perfect opportunity to get all the kids excited and interested in incorporating goodies like sweets to the treasure hunt.

Treasure hunts, however, are not all about children. Older children and teenagers also love a good treasure hunt, given the right incentives. Study parties provide a good opportunity to host a treasure hunt to make learning more fun. If you’re a teacher hosting a student study party, create a treasure hunt list around the subject you’re studying for and offer extra credit as an incentive to get them to participate. Students will remember to study in a fun way rather than a boring way.

Family picnics or reunions are another great time and place to host a treasure hunt. This would be an ideal time to place family members in groups to help them get to know each other better. With a family reunion treasure hunt, you can create a treasure hunt list that focuses on finding things about family history. This is how you get to know your relatives and learn about your ancestors and the history of your family!

It’s easy to add treasure hunts to many types of parties! A treasure hunt is a fun way to add pizzazz to any party you’re hosting!

To make it more exciting, adding riddles and puzzles can give excitement to any treasure hunt get-together party. To add more twist, why not join the newest internet based treasure hunt created by The America Game. You do not need to go out of your house, just have your email and gadget ready to solve riddles and puzzles to be sent by T.A.G. This is a game of skills and strategy. Though their riddles are easy to answer, a player must have wit and comprehension.

The America Game opens its third Free Treasure Hunt Game with a St. Patrick’s theme hunt. NO registration Fee on Free Game and get a chance to take home $100 cash, but a player can have an option to purchase paid games to win even more cash prizes.

Visit their website here and claim your free game. No registration fee and No credit card required on free game.

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