The African American Cultural Resource Center (AACRC), located in Sarasota, Fl. Announces Awareness and Fund Raiser Campaign.

Jul 19, 2018

The African American Cultural Resource Center in Sarasota, Fl. invites public support for an awareness and T-Shirt fundraising campaign. Proceeds support its mission and operations.

  • the african american cultural resource center aacrc located in sarasota fl annou
  • the african american cultural resource center aacrc located in sarasota fl annou
  • the african american cultural resource center aacrc located in sarasota fl annou

Sarasota, Florida – The African American Cultural Resource Center (AACRC) of Sarasota, Florida announces a new fund-raising campaign.

The campaign offers uniquely designed T-Shirts exclusively for sale on Amazon. Proceeds will be used for programs and operations. The T-Shirts display the AACRC logo which integrates contemporary African art elements and symbolizes positive messages of learning and knowledge.

The impetus for the founding of the AACRC came from an original member of the Friends of the North Sarasota Public Library, Lovette W. Harper. The Center is located in the library which opened in 2004. It has been in its present space since 2013 and has been presenting programs and exhibitions since 2008. The AACRC mission is to gather, display and disseminate a special collection of resource and reference materials on the global black experience. The Center is available for use by students, teachers, scholars, historians, researchers, and other interested individuals and groups in the larger community.

According to Mrs. Lovette W. Harper and Dr. Cheryl Smith, co-chairs of the AACRC “The Vision of the AACRC is to be the premier venue for the study of African and African American life, history, and culture in the Sarasota/Manatee communities and beyond. The T-Shirt campaign will raise needed funds, and at the same time will create more awareness of our presence.”

The AACRC reading room and research facility contains books, art, artifacts, and media. There is a special section with information about the history of Overtown and Newtown, the historically Black communities in Sarasota. There is also information about Florida African Americans.

The collection of AACRC materials, consists of donations by individuals and families, and includes disciplines such as History, Social Science, Biography/Autobiography, Classic Literature, Children’s Literature, Education, and Culture. There are also special collections dedicated to Africa, Civil Rights, The Tuskegee Airmen, Local Authors, Stem/Steam and the Obamas. Exhibitions and programs related to these and other topics are on-going throughout the year.

More information and links to order The AACRC T-Shirts through Amazon are available here.

To support or otherwise contribute to the AACRC effort, contact the Center at

The AACRC partnered with Sarasota marketing agency the B2B Resource Team, to create and manage the T-shirt campaign.

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