The 7E Myolift Mother’s Day Daily Spa Package includes the best-selling device, the Myolift QT.

May 4, 2021

7E Myolift professional line of products adapted for at-home use just in time for Mother’s Day! Skin enthusiasts will be able to conduct at-home facials and skincare treatments using products from each package.

The advancement of non-invasive cosmetic procedures is one of the fastest-growing segments in the anti-aging industry. As more consumers turn away from invasive and surgical procedures, 7E Myolift is leading the way with state-of-the-art FDA-cleared microcurrent technologies for licensed healthcare professionals as well as safe and effective consumer home devices.

7E Myolift is the flagship skincare product line of 7E Wellness. Our company mission is to provide cutting-edge FDA-cleared microcurrent technology and services personalized to everyone to enhance their natural beauty. Our goal is to educate both professionals and consumers on the procedures best suited for their needs and the science behind them. We strive to give our clients a renewed sense of self by allowing them to look as good as they feel and feel as good as they look.

We are excited to announce the creation of the 7E Myolift Mother’s Day Daily Spa Package that includes our best-selling device, the Myolift QT as well as our newly launched Anti-Aging Serum. MyoLift QT is your new favorite advanced skincare solution with up to 400 microamps of microcurrent intensity in the comfort of your home. This handheld microcurrent device uses Smart Current™ technology, which allows for customized, professional-grade treatments and long-lasting results.

Microcurrent devices improve cellular metabolism (ATP), improve circulation, boost collagen and elastin production, and lift sagging skin. Women can expect to notice an improvement in skin tone and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment also provides lifting and firming benefits and can boost skin radiance. More information on Microcurrent devices can be found by visiting

Pooja Johari, Founder of 7E Wellness believes “everyone wants to look their best and so many women want a natural holistic way to look and feel youthful. I am proud of the performance 7E Myolift devices deliver as the market leader in microcurrent technology in MedSpas nationwide. When consumers saw the results of their professional esthetician treatments, we had a demand for at-home devices. Myolift QT is our best-selling consumer at-home device and Mother’s Day is our first full scale promotion for the product.”

The 7E Myolift Mother’s Day Daily Spa Package includes the MyoLift QT Handheld Microcurrent Device, a conductive forehead mask, conductive eye mask, lip mask, anti-aging Serum and 2oz ReStore Conductive Treatment Gel as well as your USB charging cable. This special offer has a limited time 33% discount off its usual retail price.

More information on this package and several other limited-time Mother’s Day specials can be found at:

Skin enthusiasts will be able to conduct at-home facials and skincare treatments using products from each package. The treatments take anywhere between 4 to 15 minutes, and users of 7E Myolift have seen results after the first treatment.

In addition, our company has pledged 2% of its total sales from this year’s Mother’s Day campaign to Covid-19 Aid initiatives.

Pooja further added “Consumers know 7E Wellness as the pioneer in microcurrent technology and creating beauty for all ages and skin types but we are more than skin deep. This Mother’s Day we are doing something beautiful for those in need. 2% of our profits will be donated to Covid-19 Aid initiatives. Join us in making a difference both in your beauty routine, skin, and confidence as well as extending help to those in need”.

About 7E Wellness: 7E Wellness was founded by Pooja Johari in 2008 and includes a team of licensed estheticians and skincare educators. The company is a market leader in the advanced and professional microcurrent technology sector and an innovator in holistic and natural beauty. Their MyoLift devices are the culmination of decades of scientific research. For more information on 7E Wellness and the launch of their Mother’s Day range, visit and the URL above.

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