Texas Self-Directed IRA Company: 401(k) Holders’ Gold Bullion Investing Webinar

Nov 29, 2022

Are you feeling anxious about how the 2023 recession will affect your investment portfolio? You are not alone. TopTier IRA has a webinar that tells you how you can protect your retirement funds.

Texas Self-Directed IRA Company: 401(k) Holders’ Gold Bullion Investing Webinar

Many retirement investors are unsure how their funds will fare during the recession. Attend TopTier IRA's webinar and see what you can do to protect your retirement assets from inflation during political and economic uncertainty.

TopTier IRA believes that typical workplace retirement options like 401(k) are subject to the volatility of the stock market, making them a less desirable option for portfolio stability.

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According to Forbes Magazine, you can put your money into gold and other precious metals to hedge against inflation and provide your portfolio with stability. Since physical gold and gold-related paper assets are less volatile than the stock market, you have better control over your investments and are less likely to suffer a loss during the recession.

TopTier IRA explains that buying gold requires a self-directed IRA (individual retirement account), which you can use to open a gold IRA account. A self-directed IRA, as the name suggests, leaves the investment decisions entirely on you - the opposite of what happens if you leave your money in a 401(k).

The only choice you have with a 401(k) are mutual funds, ETFs, and the money market. The gold IRA expert states that if you, as a 401(k) holder, want to buy specific stocks like Apple or Amazon, or if you want to hold hard assets like gold and real estate, a 401(k) will not allow you to do so. You might have indirect exposure to these stocks if the mutual fund decides to buy them.

With expert sources like Forbes and Financial Times predicting a recession, starting a self-directed IRA and gold IRA is a way to protect your retirement portfolio from erosion. Depending on your risk appetite, you can put 15-30% of your portfolio in precious metals.

“This web conference is the same one that hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana attended, and it gives you access to information not easily found elsewhere. It is designed to help American retirement savers hedge against whatever economic stresses are thrown at us next,” a spokesperson said.

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