Texas Gulf Coast Homeowners Rely On This Yard Drainage Company to Stop Flooding

Mar 21, 2024

Flooding can endanger your home, your family, and your bank account. Find out why homeowners throughout the Gulf Coast rely on League City Drainage & Irrigation (409-572-0824) to stop flooding in its tracks.

According to the Texas Tribune, almost 2.5 million Texans live in what is known as the 100-year floodplain – a zone that has a severely heightened risk of flooding. If you reside in this area, you need flood prevention and stoppage services you can trust. Thankfully, League City Drainage & Irrigation offers root barrier installation and retaining wall construction that stems the catastrophic tides of flooding.

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Root Barriers and Retaining Walls – Protect Your Home

The drainage experts make clear that displaced tree roots are one of the most common causes of indoor flooding. League City Drainage & Irrigation installs root barriers to reroute water flows, thereby protecting homes by stopping floods from seeping inside. Root barriers can also be installed to avoid pipe breakage and erosion.

Further flood prevention can be achieved by the creation of retaining walls that stop lawn ponding. As these retaining walls are visible additions to a property, the company’s specialists take care to design installations that are aesthetically pleasing in addition to being functional flood prevention utilities. If an existing retaining wall has lost its efficacy, League City Drainage & Irrigation can send its specialists out to reinforce its stability and support.

Insurance Doesn't Cover Flooding

According to Texas Flood Insurance, the typical homeowner’s insurance plan does not provide any coverage for damage caused by floods. This makes flood prevention services, like those offered by League City Drainage & Irrigation, especially important because any damage incurred from flooding will very likely not be covered by an insurer.

As the company understands how costly flooding issues can be, its leaders pride themselves on providing flooding solutions that do not break the bank. You can fill out League City Drainage & Irrigation's online form to receive a free instant quote that prices and explains the services you need.

About League City Drainage & Irrigation

The company has spent years servicing homes in the League City area, with its specialists developing particular expertise in diagnosing and treating drainage problems on an individual basis.

A local client said the following about their experience, “I called League City Drainage and found out that some tree roots were growing under my foundation and were contributing to the flooding. They set up root barriers and haven't had water in my home since.”

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