Temple Mount Sifting Project Historical Replica Artifact Collection Introduced

Mar 2, 2017

First commercial historical artifact collection of Temple Mount Sifting Project describes 3,000 years of Middle East history

https://presscable.com/press_releases/edit/26011#The Dunston Mint announces the release of Treasures From the Temple Mount, a new collection of educational and historic replica artifacts. The new museum quality collection for sale includes 10 historical replica artifacts covering 3,000 years of Jerusalem's Temple Mount. Temple Treasures includes a full description of how the artifacts were preserved and Jerusalem's significance to the religious and secular history.

Treasures From the Temple Mount is based on an Israeli archaeological project begun in 2005 and the recovery of archaeological artifacts from 400 truckloads of topsoil removed from Jerusalem's Temple Mount during the construction of an underground mosque. The Dunston Mint consulted with archeologists Dr. Gabriel Barkay and Zachi Dvira of the Temple Mount Sifting Project who provided photographs and accurate measurements of the two oldest artifacts recovered from the Sifting Project.

The oldest artifact is a 3,000 year old administrative seal corresponding to the Jebusite period and King David's conquest of Jerusalem. The second oldest artifact is a 10th Century B.C. small bronze arrowhead dating to the time of Solomon's construction of the First Temple in Jerusalem.

Treasures From the Temple Mount has been in development for a year by Warren D. Smith, president of the Dunston Mint and the artist, Robert de la Pena of dlpStudios.

This product release is a unique departure for the Dunston Mint. Started in 1998, the company has emphasized the creation, development, and production of small replica collections in the teaching of Western Civilization history and natural history. Dunston Mint's clients include museums, educational institutions, scholars, teachers, and retail museum replica collectors.

Warren Smith said,“Treasures From the Temple Mount is the first small replica artifact collection to focus on contemporary archeological findings spanning 3,000 years of history in the Levant.”

Treasures will be released on March 2, 2017.

New archeological artifacts of great historical are being developed and will be released this year.

For more facts on institutional sales contact Warren Smith. For retail sales visit Web Museum Store.

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