Technical Analysis & Small Cap Trading Essential During Crisis, Says MIC

Mar 23, 2023

The out-of-the-blue collapse of the SVB and the ensuing panic have left many traders grasping at straws, says MIC co-founder and experienced trader Alex Temiz – with novices likely to be the most confused and at a higher risk of making impulsive decisions.

Technical Analysis & Small Cap Trading Essential During Crisis, Says MIC

As the markets are reeling after the collapse of the SVB, both novices and experts are growing wary of giant names. The obvious alternative is small cap trading, and while its volatility makes it appealing for day traders, that same volatility signals higher risks - and exposes traders to much the same dangers brought to the limelight by the latest big market shocks.

✔ The solution?

   •revisiting the fundamentals, says My Investing Club co-founder and experienced day trader Alex Temiz.

Offering a lifeline for day traders left in the dark by the latest market dynamics, MIC brings a series of new resources designed to help both beginners and more experienced traders grow more confident in their decisions.

✔ Trading, A Game Of Confidence

“Trading is a game of confidence. No matter what level you are on, you doubt yourself and doubt your system when you lose the money,” says Alex in a Los Angeles Tribune interview. “But the truth is nothing in trading is 100%. As long as you can consistently show up to the market and make more money than you lose, you will win long term.”

Emphasizing that winning in the markets require discipline and knowledge, the MIC is providing complete access to a wide range of essential resources.

✔ Key Resources For Smart Trading

One of the key topics covered in the latest update is small cap day trading - an attractive strategy for many day traders due to the relatively higher volatility of the stocks. Technical analysis is also essential for anyone looking to avoid the potential pitfalls of small cap stocks, as the same volatility that makes them an appealing asset for day traders can also make them substantially riskier than the bigger companies.

✔ Chatroom, Videos & Mentoring

The MIC provides a supportive chatroom where members can access a wide range of resources, get ideas from their peers, and benefit from expert insights from more experienced traders. Live trading sessions and an expansive video library provide members with opportunities to see the experts in action - and dive deeper into any topic of their choice.

✔ About My Investing Club

Founded in 2018 by Alex Temiz, Bao Nguyen, and Tosh Bradley, the MIC has grown into one of the most popular and supportive educational communities for day traders of all experience levels.

The MIC welcomes new members looking for quality day trading education resources to succeed during these challenging times.

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