Technical Analysis Made Simple with Hot, Timely, Actionable Tips & Picks

Jan 21, 2021

New to trading, or a veteran trader, or somewhere in between? I make technical analysis simple for my Tribe with hot, timely, actionable tips & tricks.

Hey there!

Are you a newbie to the world of trading? A seasoned trader?

With Hima’s Tribe, every week, I give you hot, timely, actionable trading analysis that you can use to boost your trading right away.

It’s my way of giving back, because I remember way back when I took MY first trade!

It’s also my way of introducing you to the HimaReddy way of trading.

I got started on my trading journey from my dad. I succeeded because he kept me accountable to getting results AND knew how to speak my 20-something-who-knows-it-all language 🙂 

Eventually my knowledge base exceeded my dad’s – a real life case of student becoming the teacher! So I found other experts, with my dad’s same approach, and followed them exactly to master their trading methods before adding anything new to my own trading business.

So Hima’s Tribe is a way for us to get to know each other and see if we are a good fit to help you boost your trading – and it’s 100% FREE.

So you might be wondering, what does it mean to be a part of the Hima Reddy Family of traders?

Well, we’re a group of like-minded action-takers and students of the markets who understand:

–That focused analysis of price, time and momentum CAN improve investment results..

–That learning about the markets is a lifelong activity. But with the right dedication, practice and guidance, performance can be optimized over much less time..

–That they can pull from my 21years of trading, analysis, writing, and educating experience and incorporate what they learn into their own market approaches..

Here’s what you can expect from me…

I’ll share updates direct to your email inbox with the latest tips loaded into your portal. They will be among the following:

Skinny Dip: A close look at one of my recent Skinny On The Mini® reports. These go out to paying members multiple times a week, and they focus on the E-mini S&P 500 futures contract. But now and then I’ll “dip” into a recent Skinny On The Mini® with the whole family. I’ll usually take a close look at a key price support or resistance, timing point, or indicator observation that will provide an educational take-away for all (whether you trade the ES actively or not).I’ll look at closely related markets too, like the NQ or the SPY, essentially giving a timely broad market view.

Chart of the Week: When a particular market or set of markets (outside of the ES) is displaying HOT price, time or momentum action (my trifecta!), I’ll share my research findings via a quick video or even a Skinny On The Mini® style report (chart, commentary, support and resistance levels). Again, direct to your inbox.

Helpful Hima: Over the years I’ve received many of the same burning questions over and over, such as “What’s your favorite book by W.D. Gann?” and more. So, “Helpful Hima” updates will answer the most common questions, and share insight on the resources I’ve come to value over the years.

And there will be even more goodies as we grow and develop the Tribe Training together!

You likely understand that I’ve gathered a great amount of experience and knowledge starting a very young age. And, translated properly, this can be of insanely high value to you.

So, I’ll also send you emails about courses, indicators, research products and more that I create. And we’ll even choose what you want to learn next together!

Get excited!


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