Teach Hope To Arizona Middle Schoolers With Emotional Intelligence Curriculum

Mar 15, 2023

If you are a middle school educator in Arizona, Hope Rising has an emotional intelligence curriculum that will improve your students’ personal relationships and academic performance, thus creating a better classroom environment, all by focusing on HOPE.

Teach Hope To Arizona Middle Schoolers With Emotional Intelligence Curriculum

I remember being a middle schooler. The hormones, the self-consciousness, and (for me, at least) the awkward hairdo. It was a lot to deal with on top of the homework and studying!

In fact, those middle school years are some of the most developmentally intense years we'll ever go through. It can be easy to sink into feelings of anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

Hope Rising believes in the power of teaching students how to be hopeful and has created an entire emotional intelligence curriculum around it!

Want to learn more? Just go to https://info.hoperisingedu.com/emotional-intelligence/curriculumsample

✦ The Need For Hope ✦

As reported by the CDC, nearly 40% of children between the ages of 12-17 experienced persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness in 2018-2019. With the added isolation and anxiety caused by the pandemic quarantine measures, this rate likely increased further, as rates of depression more than tripled in the general population.

For middle schoolers in particular, socializing is highly important, because the neural pathways concerned with social connections become markedly more active during puberty.

✦ Teaching Hope ✦

Hope Rising's emotional intelligence program, "My Best Me," has lesson plans that teach students how to create personal goals and realistic action plans to achieve those goals in order to foster hope within themselves.

A major part of the curriculum revolves around building willpower and personal accountability. By doing this, Hope Rising intends to teach students how to overcome adversity and focus on positive outcomes, using hope as a motivation for action.

With the growing awareness of mental health issues in young students, the company intends to teach middle schoolers skills for overcoming adversity and maintaining emotional well-being.

"My Best Me" is actually the first hope-certified emotional intelligence program in the world! This program offers Arizona educators a structured way to approach personal development issues in the classroom that has been proven to improve overall academic performance.

Schools that have utilized "My Best Me" have reported their students having higher graduation rates and better grades. This program has also been reported to decrease suspension rates by 68%, lower dropout rates by 81%, and lead to a 44% lower occurrence of chronic absenteeism.

Hope Rising also offers free samples of the curriculum on its website. With these curriculum samples, teachers can read about how "My Best Me" delivers emotional intelligence competencies through these five core concepts: identity, health, community, environment, and economics.

✦ About Hope Rising ✦

Having developed an award-winning hope-certified curriculum, "My Best Me", the company focuses on normalizing emotional intelligence education in Pre-K-12 classrooms. Collectively, Hope Rising's advisory board members have decades worth of professional experience in education and social work.

Want to learn more and preview Hope Rising's sample lessons? Just go to https://hoperisingedu.com/

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