Teach Financial Management To Teens & Pre-Teens With An Entertaining Application

Jul 23, 2021

Parents now have a fun, game-based application that can educate their children about finances. Kids Products Reviews introduces us to the latest in online education: MoneyTime!

Do you wish your children were better prepared for the financial challenges of adulthood?

Kids Products Reviews, an online resource for parents, has published a new report that discusses the latest in financial literacy education applications known as MoneyTime.

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With financial security being first and foremost in many families’ minds, the new report examines the importance of financial education for your children and provides some insights into the role that MoneyTime can play.

While having a good understanding of finances is an important skill in modern life, it is often an overlooked aspect of our children’s education, both at home and in school curriculums. Many parents would like their children to be more financially aware, but it can be difficult knowing where to begin.

Kids Products Reviews suggests that MoneyTime may provide you with a convenient solution. As the author explains, the product covers a wide range of financial topics, including employment, borrowing, loans, property, investing, business, online security, insurance, and net wealth.

The new report examines the problem in more detail, pointing out that many school curriculums do not provide our children with a practical, real-world understanding of money management. The game-oriented courseware provided by MoneyTime is described as an entertaining solution that can help you to fill in those gaps.

One particular feature that impressed the author is the ease with which MoneyTime can be used. Your children can commence the courseware without any external input, pre-reading, or webinars. So, while the program has also been designed with homeschooling in mind, you can leave your children to play and learn if you aren’t very confident with financial matters.

Another notable feature is the entertaining nature of the platform. Kids Products Reviews explains that the developers of MoneyTime focused on making the courseware fun in order to encourage children to continue playing. The conclusion of the author is that they were successful.

MoneyTime is a web-based application, requiring only an internet connection and a laptop or tablet. If you would like to use the application with your children, you just need to create a new account to begin. For parents who do wish to be more involved, a range of printable home-study guides is also available.

Now there’s a fun and convenient way to teach your children those important financial skills. Click on https://kidsproductsreviews.com so you can learn more!

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