Swansea Wood Burner Repair: Quick Turnaround Damaged Stove Glass Replacement

Feb 14, 2024

Your wood-burning stove needs proper maintenance to work safely and efficiently. Get professional stove repair from Hopkins Log Burners (07951 184293), a trusted contractor serving Swansea and beyond.

Sometimes, the most important appliances tend to be the most neglected. Case in point: your wood-burning stove. If it’s been a while since its last service, call Hopkins Log Burners ASAP.

Need a house call? Book one at hhttps://hopkinslogburners.co.uk/wood-log-burner-stoves-repairs-spares/

The HETAS-certified stove installers offer quick turnaround maintenance and repair of common issues with wood burners, pellet stoves, and multi-fuel stoves. These services include replacing damaged stove glass, fixing cracked firebricks, repairing stove door seals and hinges, clearing blocked flues, thermostat calibration, and fixing broken fire grates and log retainers.


The rising cost of gas in the UK and the energy crisis of 2023 have highlighted the need for energy-efficient alternatives such as wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. Without regular servicing, your stove can develop issues over time that reduce efficiency and create safety hazards. The Hopkins Log Burners team can provide repair and annual maintenance if you live in Swansea, Neath, Port Talbot, Cardiff, Skewen, Llandeilo, and Carmarthen.


According to HETAS, if your wood stove is improperly maintained and repaired, it can leak dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. Stove repairs by unqualified technicians also pose safety risks if not done to code. Hopkins Log Burners technicians ensure that all repairs meet national safety and efficiency standards.


For immediate repair needs, experienced technicians are available for house calls in and around Swansea to diagnose and fix issues onsite. From replacing your broken fire door glass panels to servicing flues and fitting replacement parts, technicians can quickly get wood burners and stoves working again.

The company stocks common replacement parts for various brands and models of stoves and burners, allowing for quicker turnaround on repairs. Parts supplied include firebricks, log retainers, thermostats, glass panels, and rope seals. Hopkins Log Burners stocks parts for all brands that are still trading and can even repair some obsolete models.


Hopkins Log Burners is a family-owned and operated business with bases across South Wales including the city of Swansea. The company specialises in supplying, installing, and repairing wood burners and stoves from popular brands, including Salamander, Charnwood, Jotul, Devon, Eco-Stoves, Nest, and Riello.

View some of tha amazing and professional projects their installers have completed on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hopkinslogburners

"At Hopkins Log Burners, our goal is to help you keep your wood stove operating safely and efficiently," said a company spokesperson. "One of our qualified technicians can inspect your stove for any problems and make any necessary repairs. Contact us today."

Stove maintenance is one thing that’s best left to experts. So if your wood stove is experiencing any issues, you know who to call: Hopkins Log Burners!

Need more info? Check out https://hopkinslogburners.tumblr.com/post/733595123925008384/fuel-your-home-with-premium-log-burners-multifuel

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