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Sep 16, 2020

A private donor has offered to fund clean water for one person for twenty years for each new email subscriber that signs up to receive a free monthly newsletter created by Water For Life Haiti. The longstanding charity is encouraging people to support the new campaign via the website.

Would you like to support a charity without having to make a financial commitment? Are you interested in supporting communities in Haiti? Are you interested in flexible charitable contributions? If you have answered ‘yes’, this is the campaign for you!

Water For Life Haiti, a longstanding non-profit organization that was founded in Iowa in 1983, has launched a campaign aimed at new email subscribers for its free monthly newsletter. A private donor has agreed to fund clean water for one person for up to twenty years for each new email subscriber.

You can sign up at

The newly launched campaign is aimed at people such as yourself, who are new email subscribers of the free monthly newsletter. The project will provide clean water for residents of Haiti to prevent disease and dehydration. In case you are wondering, Water For Life Haiti drills deep wells for orphanages, churches, missions, schools, and villages throughout the country.

Maintenance on all wells is provided by the charity, which utilizes fundraising to support its projects and campaigns. In addition to clean water, the charity provides jobs for local Haitians, and operates schools and mobile health clinics.

Water For Life Haiti focuses on providing clean water for communities in a bid to maintain health and prevent disease. It also helps farmers to implement clean water irrigation systems, which will enable communities to grow their own crops and become self-sufficient.

The charity endeavors to generate funds for local projects as it believes access to clean water can help to prevent child slavery. A deep well created by Water For Life Haiti can provide clean water for over 30 years, if it is properly maintained.

In case you are wondering, it is free to receive the monthly newsletter, which includes updates and statistics on the number of wells drilled, meals served, and hand pumps repaired. You can donate and support Water For Life Haiti in a number of ways. You can sponsor a well, maintain a well, or you can sponsor a child.

If you decide to sponsor a child, you are sponsoring the education of the next generation of students. There are flexible options for you, which enables you to select the number of months you want to sponsor a child for.

A supporter said: “I’ve been supporting Water For Life Haiti for a few years because I truly believe in their mission and what they have achieved. I try to think of new fundraising activities to support the charity from BBQ’s to bake sales and sporting events. I encourage everyone to sign up for the free newsletter because I know it will make a difference to the communities of Haiti.”

You can find out more online at

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