Successful test in Nogaro for Buggyra ZM Racing, and now is preparing for Nürburgring

Mar 17, 2022

The first test took place at Nogaro. The very place where David Vršecký took his first podium back in 2002, and where the team has its French base for the Buggyra Academy.

Successful test in Nogaro for Buggyra ZM Racing, and now is preparing for Nürburgring

After desert adventures, the Buggyra ZM Racing team is switching its focus to circuit racing. Fabien Calvet took the role of a host, despite having rough battles with Martin Koloc at the end of the previous millennium. “If anybody had told us back then, that in just 20 years, our children will be part of the same team, we would not really believe it much,” he said. “For Adam and Téo, it’s a perfect circuit, considering its difficult and their experience. However, Buggyra Academy members Natal and Florian will have to be much more careful here.”

We’re very fast …

Just like Adam Lacko told us, as a team’s number one, before the official testing at Nogaro, there was the first check at the airport at Panenský Týnec. “We didn’t do anything big, but before leaving for France, we had to make sure that we’re not totally out of our way. So, it was an easier event for us.” And just like Adam confirmed, who is a favourite as always, not missing out on an overall podium finish since 2015, the Buggyra is now better thanks to some improvements on the front. “In comparison to the last year, we’re much faster. It’s amazing to find a whole second over the winter, so I went to congratulate Robin right away. We have some data, and its analysis will come to fruition in the next testing at Nürburgring,” said Adam, who, as always, did not want to elaborate on his championship predictions. “It’s still the same. I want to win, but it’s going to be difficult. The MAN trucks have improved so much and totally outclassed Iveco. Jochen, while being a defending champion, did not make it to the podium a single time…”

“I’m totally satisfied. It’s clear that there has been a lot of work on the car over the winter. So, the TOP 6 is a reasonable target. On the other hand, I know this circuit very well. Let’s wait and see about the Nürburgring,” added Téo Calvet.

According to the race engineer Robin Dolejš, the team has managed to solve its issues from the previous year. “First of all, Nogaro is all about brakes and acceleration. And we’re positive about that, but this testing is just the beginning. We definitely have a vehicle capable of winning, so let’s wait and see whether the drivers are going to be any good,” he added laughing.

France is staying

While Téo Calvet is not going to be defending his French championship title, Buggyra remains in France through its Buggyra Academy France. “The academy programme is just starting. Just in the first half of this year, we’re going to have 6 training camps. We plan to do 48 race weekends, so we wouldn’t be able to fully participate in the national truck championship, so our goals in France are moving towards raising new talents.”French teenagers will be under the scrutiny of Fabien Calvet, and in his free time, also by the reigning French national champion Téo. “The guys won’t be under pressure, but they will have a lot of work. We know that the rookies can do a good result, just like Aliyyah did in her first year in the truck racing when she won at Nogaro,” added team principal Martin Koloc.

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