Strengthen Your Immune System With Royal Jelly & Raw Honey From This Family Farm

Feb 2, 2023

Want a proven way to strengthen your immune system? Try royal jelly, a milky secretion made for queen bees! Jam-packed with amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, royal jelly can strengthen your immune system and even improve your heart health!

Strengthen Your Immune System With Royal Jelly & Raw Honey From This Family Farm

Once upon a hive, there was a product that was truly meant to bee. This was royal jelly, what queens would take instead of honey. It’s rich, it’s wild, it’s full of fun. Let’s end this rhyme with just one more pun.

Honey Acres keeps the buzz alive with its latest blog on the benefits of royal jelly - and they aren’t pollen our legs with this one! Called "Thrive with these Benefits of Honey Acres Royal Jelly”, the article lists the main health benefits of royal jelly. Scientists have found that royal jelly, a gelatinous substance produced by honey bees, contains a variety of nutrients that may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Honey Acres says that the unique combination of amino acids and vitamins found in royal jelly reduces inflammation and oxidative stress. This has a cumulative effect, wherein you feel healthier and are less likely to get infected by a disease when you take the product every day. In fact, other studies demonstrate that regular consumption of royal jelly may have therapeutic benefits for those with high cholesterol levels as well.

Take royal jelly every day and reduce the risk of heart disease! It’s a yummy way to take better care of your heart!

Despite ongoing research into the benefits of royal jelly, many people still do not like consuming it. Unlike honey, royal jelly has a distinctive aroma and a slightly acidic aftertaste. Its unique flavor makes it difficult to give to children or those with a sensitive palate. That is why Honey Acres recommends consuming royal jelly as a powder. Not only do these powders have almost no taste when mixed with water, but they are also three times more potent than fresh royal jelly. Further details can be found at

Royal jelly should be consumed within 6 months of opening a can, though this can extend to 1 year when placed inside a refrigerator. Since it's a nutritional supplement, you should first start on the lowest dosage possible and increase it as your body gets used to the effects. If you have a bee allergy, however, you should not take royal jelly.

About Honey Acres

Honey Acres is a family-run honey business based in Wisconsin, manufacturing all its products in-house using family tradition processes. Its most popular product is its honey spread, a whipped honey concoction with the consistency of butter without the dairy!

A company spokesperson said, "Honey Acres is governed by family values. We are a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on making the business a home. Each and every member of the team plays an important part in our success. Together we strive to produce only the finest products for our customers."

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