Story-Telling In Modern Marketing: Develop Compelling & Credible Content

Jul 21, 2023

The content marketing experts at One Page Case Studies take a deep dive into the history of story-telling in advertising, and unearth some age-old principles that can make your business stand out.

With the plethora of discussions around content marketing, it’s easy to forget that many elements are the same as they were 50, 60, or 70 years ago.

One Page Case Studies takes a look at Eugene Schwartz’s influential book “Breakthrough Advertising,” and shows you why his theories are still so important in the digital era.

In fact, the company has based their content marketing strategies on the fundamental elements that Schwartz details. Boiling it down to basics, if your potential clients actually believe the story that your content is telling, then the battle is almost won.

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The firm’s latest piece is part of an ongoing series, designed to demonstrate how communicating client success stories can build trust and transparency with your audience. One Page Case Studies specializes in developing this form of targeted content, and publishes regular instructional articles to help you develop your content marketing strategy.

Pointing to Schwartz’ book, the report highlights several factors that will make your content more effective at inciting readers to act. These include engaging your audience, making readers believe in your products’ value, creating a narrative that others can relate to, and the use of psychology as a persuasive tool.

“Schwartz argues that the best ads aren’t about showing off a product; they’re about selling a story that resonates with you on a personal level,” Edward Winslow of One Page Case Studies explains. “If an ad can make you believe that its product fits right into your life and dreams, you’re much more likely to buy. It’s not just about convincing you that a product works; it’s about making you believe that this product was made for you.”

While “Breakthrough Advertising” was first published in 1966, the latest report from One Page Case Studies states that many elements are still highly relevant in the modern era of digital marketing. The company distills the book’s principles into three key factors that should be integrated into your short-form content, being the desires/wants of your potential clients, the things they will relate to, and the ability to make your audience believe.

The new piece adds to a growing library of instructional articles, that now include writing guidelines for press releases, the use of AI in content creation, the impact of case studies on lead generation, and more.

You really don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Discover how One Page Case Studies is applying tried and tested techniques to create inspirational content.

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