Stop Making Mistakes That Cost You Money With This Newsletter Offered By Promoter Playbook.

Oct 3, 2021

Promoter Playbook gives you four new insights into creating a passive income based on ethical email marketing. Don’t keep making mistakes that cost you money. Further information can be found at

Ahead of the launch of its new newsletter, Promoter Playbook is making public Four as yet unreleased facts about Promoter Playbook Newsletter set to go live Monday, October 4th, which fans and consumers within the Digital Marketing space will find interesting...

The Four items include nuggets such as how to achieve digital marketing success through email marketing. Our newsletter helps overcome common mistakes. Learn how to effectively target the right buyers for products and services. Quickly build a profitable email list. Write 'killer' emails quickly, ones that get customers ready to commit.

The idea for creating Promoter Playbook Newsletter came about after In this economy everyone needs a way to make money online....

No one should be at the mercy of fickle employers who don't have their employee's best interests at heart. Having a second income can relieve the stress permeating the current environment. Creating a passive income is a challenge, but at the same time it is more than doable. No need to spend hours a day when you master the simple steps necessary. Steps covered in the Promoter Playbook Newsletter.

Promoter Playbook got it's start when Founder Jennifer Alwood noticed a growing need for a better approach to making money online.. With two years prior experience in the Digital Marketing world, Jennifer Alwood decided to go ahead and start in 2021.

Jennifer Alwood is quoted saying: "We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Things like providing a valuable newsletter that offers key insights into creating a successful digital marketing plan. Email marketing not only remains a viable way to make money online, but it continues to grow at a fast rate. Releasing these little factoids ahead of the Promoter Playbook Newsletter launch are what make a difference."

Promoter Playbook Newsletter is set to launch Monday, October 4th. To find out more, it's possible to visit

For more facts and further information about Promoter Playbook, this can be discovered at

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