Stay Ahead Of The Game With AI-Powered Deep Learning Research From FF-Winners

Feb 15, 2020

Get accurate NFL predictions about players, teams, and game outcomes from FF-Winners, your online destination for free NFL fantasy football AI-powered data.

Whether you’re a fantasy football league enthusiast looking for quality data ahead of your draft or a fan looking to see who the next Superbowl winner could be, FF-Winners gives you the precision and accuracy you need.

Most football predictions, reviews, viewpoints, and online analyses use traditional methods that rely on subjective factors. Consequently, their prediction of player performances reflects these inaccuracies.

Transform the way you look at a league with AI-powered NFL statistics, predictions, and performance analysis from FF-Winner. 

Dominating local and international NFL fantasy football leagues relies on sound research and an in-depth understanding of player and team performance. FF-Winners has updated its AI prediction models to minimize the difference between predicted and actual margins, totals, and scoring. 

The NFL fantasy league predictive analysis model uses machine learning technology to assimilate new information and accurately identify top teams and their strengths and weaknesses. FF-Winners uses deep learning neural network projections of team performances that better reflect the true strength of an NFL team. The site has successfully predicted Superbowl winners, even in games that came down to the wire.

FF-Winners is the preferred destination for NFL computer power rankings and game picks from drafts to the outcome of mega-events such as the Superbowl final. The portal features accurate statistical predictions for every NFL game in the regular season and postseason. All this and more is available to you online completely free!

Statistical models at FF-Winners account for fundamentals and variables including pitch selection, play-level positioning, league settings, and data from past games. The portal equips you with exhaustive data and predictions to help you dominate your league and have some great conversations before and after NFL games.

FF-Winners is an AI sports analysis research portal for fans, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals looking for accurate, well-structured NFL player and team performance data. The site is owned and operated by UCSC Emeritus Professor Robert Levinson, a specialist in sports forecasting and probability analysis.

Understand the NFL like never before with FF-Winners.  To learn more about AI-powered sports predictions, call 888-505-6817 or visit

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