Start Your Coaching Career With This Experienced Wall Street Business Mentor

Sep 15, 2023

Jeanne Omlor, the so-called “Queen of Authentic Marketing”, wants to help you build your consulting or coaching business online with her new success accelerator program for entrepreneurs.

Consulting has quickly become a favorite side hustle for professionals across a huge variety of industries. As it turns out, knowledge is more valuable than ever, and people will pay big to get it! If you're looking to get in on the movement, though, it is important to understand that competing in the highly crowded space will be nearly impossible without a solid plan.

If you are in that phase of your development, you need to reach out to Jeanne Omlor. She is an experienced Wall Street consultant who has built an extremely successful career in helping professionals around the world develop business strategies, and now she is returning to the fold to pass down what she has learned.

Her new Business Success Accelerator program has the answers you have been looking for to all your business development questions. Best of all: it is open now to new members!

To find out how you can join today, visit

Jeanne’s program is perfect if you are in the very early stages of business development, with strategies that are designed to be beginner-friendly. However, experienced consulting professionals have also benefited from the program in the past, making it a solution that anyone attempting to organically grow their business online can rely on.

The strategies that Jeanne presents have been developed using her first-hand knowledge of the industry, gained over a several-year-long, niche-spanning career on Wall Street and beyond. Her work as a strategist gave her the client acquisition and authentic marketing knowledge necessary to build a million-dollar enterprise, knowledge which she is now eager to pass down to the next generation of professionals.

When you join the program, you gain instant access to Jeanne’s BSA discussion group, which is composed of current and former participants - all of whom are empowered, driven entrepreneurs. The group is intended to be a space where everyone can discuss their ideas, celebrate their successes, and brainstorm ways to push through difficult periods of stagnation.

Alongside this group component of the program, Jeanne will provide you with directed one-on-one coaching sessions, during which she will help you develop high-impact custom strategies for client acquisition.

She emphasizes that short-term success is not necessarily the priority, and that real success in business is found only with a solid-long term plan.

Through a combination of positivity-focused group discussion and her direct mindset coaching, Jeanne hopes that participants like you will be able to find their center and approach business in a more measured, calculated way. She calls this flow state the “genius zone”, a state of mind where good ideas flow freely unhindered by self-doubt, and which she intends to foster through this program.

No other coach in the industry is digging as deep as Jeanne is in this program; many would consider the strategies she presents to be "trade secrets", but she doesn't mind telling!

To join, you should schedule a free strategy session with Jeanne to determine if the program is right for your needs. A large volume of case studies and reviews from former participants is available at the link below alongside a more thorough explanation of the program content.

Visit to schedule your free consultation.

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