St. Louis Car Dealership Marketing: Affordable SEO Alternative Boosts Visibility

Apr 10, 2024

With LeadValets (+1-314-561-7101) you can jump ahead of your competition and make sure your St. Louis car dealership hits the top positions on Google, Bing and YouTube!

We get it – the latest Google algorithm changes can be a huge pain. The businesses that succeed are the ones willing to try something a bit different, and that's where LeadValets can help. With search box optimization, you can jump to the top of the results and reach much more customers searching in your local area!

Grow your online reach at

Hit the top spots more reliably

The service works by reaching customers at the initial moment of search. You're able to bid for positions in the autocomplete drop-down box, and when the user clicks on your name, the topmost results all point to your website.

Recent data from Semrush reveals that small businesses can pay up 5 to 6 figures per month for effective SEO and PPC strategies, but in contrast, LeadValets' search box optimization service offers a more accessible and budget-friendly solution.

Rank on Google, Bing & YouTube

In addition to improving search positioning on Google, it also works on Bing and YouTube - a multi-channel approach that increases your visibility and connects you with more qualified customers. You can even use predictive keywords that align with real-time search trends.

The LeadValets team also emphasizes that the keywords selected will be 'locked in' and not offered to any other company, making it easier to achieve long-term success. According to the agency, this approach is particularly beneficial for local service businesses: along with car dealers, they've worked with personal injury law firms, cosmetic surgery practices, HVAC companies, and franchises.

Join other dealers getting great results

Discussing the importance of adjusting to the local Google changes, a spokesperson states: "We have seen incredible results from this. Through our testing and case study phase, we have had clients reduce their PPC advertising by as much as 60%. On top of that, they've reported the lead quality is better and they've seen an increased number of leads compared to their paid ads. All in all, it's one of the most impactful lead generation programs I have ever come across."

If you're worried about the impact of the latest Google changes, it's time to try something different. SBO is the ideal solution!

Check out to take your St. Louis car dealership to the next level!

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