SpaceiShare teaches how to save money on your monthly storage

Dec 29, 2020

SpaceiShare, a storage and parking marketplace, offers several ways you can cut your storage costs in half. From negotiating with your current self-storage company to finding businesses or homeowners in your neighborhood to rent space from, SpaceiShare offers up some cost-saving tips for storage.

December 28 2020 (Toronto, ON) — As the pandemic set in this year, more people have been seeking new ways on how to save money on their monthly storage costs. SpaceiShare Inc., a space-management marketplace, helps property owners make money from their empty space – namely storage and parking.

This Toronto-based startup—founded by Sarah Selhi—is on a mission to help people save money on their monthly storage bills.

“Small business owners are struggling with their monthly cash flow as are people who are trying to save as much as they can,” says Selhi. “The self-storage industry thrives during difficult times, with more people requiring storage when they’re downsizing, as in the case now.”

Below are some note-worthy ways to save cash:

1/ Negotiate with your self-storage company: Despite storage companies doing well during economic downturns, they will almost always want to keep you in their space instead of trying to find a new tenant. If your rates have been consistently increasing over the months/years, it’s time to threaten to leave unless they give you a better rate. If they don’t comply, consider calling a competitor or going onto a space-sharing site like to find cheaper alternatives.

2/ Find someone to share space with. Rates for self-storage decrease per square foot, therefore, the larger the space, the cheaper the rate. Should you have someone else who needs storage, this can be a great short-term solution. Be sure to negotiate terms with your companion ahead of time and you should be able to arrange a fair deal for both of you.

3/ Reduce your footprint: No doubt you’re storing items that are no longer useful. Consider selling most of your items or donating them to a local charity; this way, you can move into a smaller unit and only really keep the items you need.

4/ Move out entirely: We get it. You still need the space, but why not rent space for less than 50% of your current invoice. With sites like, you can now find a local, nearby garage, shed or second bedroom that you can rent. Costs are almost half of what you’d pay for at a self-storage unit, and you will no doubt be helping out a neighbour who could use the extra income. It’s a win-win situation.

SpaceiShare ensures all transactions are protected through legal rental agreements and secure financial transfers. Detailed terms and conditions cover use of space and prohibited items alongside an Assurance Policy that covers both Renters and Hosts for up to CAD$5,000.

SpaceiShare’s Renter Thomas Middleton was happy when he found a space: “I had my belongings in self storage for 3 years! I finally decided to give SpaceiShare a try. Not only did I find an appropriate space nearby to my home, but I was able to move it quickly and efficiently with their assistance. I now pay less than half what I was paying before – and that has saved me over $2,000 a year. In this climate, I feel far better about my purchase and I know I’m helping a business owner nearby.”

SpaceiShare is available across Canada with a focus on Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.

About SpaceiShare

SpaceiShare is a space-management marketplace that connects people who have space with those who need space. Through a commitment to creating new sources of income for Canadian households, SpaceiShare is connecting neighbours and strengthening communities.

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