Source High Caliber Talent For CRM Software Projects With This Top Customer Relationship Management Recruiter

Jun 7, 2017

A new website has launched to help businesses source the right team to deliver their CRM software projects. CRM recruiter Chris works with professionals across the entire CRM market, bringing together talent and projects for the ideal match.

A top CRM recruiter for Salesforce, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle project delivery teams has launched a new website. Located in Houston, Texas, and affiliated with Imperastaff, Chris Hopper helps companies source the high caliber, niche skilled talent they need to successfully deliver their CRM projects, regardless of business industry.

More information can be found at:

A CRM I.T. Consultant turned Recruiter, Chris has over 17 years of direct CRM project delivery experience, with time working in functional, technical and managerial roles across a range of positions.

The site explains that, having worked for some of the top tier consulting firms (such as Accenture) on many Fortune 500 systems, Chris boasts industry experience that includes Communications and High Tech, Financial and insurance, Government, and the Oil and Gas sectors.

With a primary focus on CRM applications, Chris worked on CRM Software Project Delivery within these sectors, across North America, Europe and Asia. Because of this, he knows what the work entails, how to understand a role description, and how to make sure the candidate submitted is a good fit.

Chris sources opportunities for Customer Relationship Management professionals in both full-time and project-based positions, as well as helps companies clarify their needs and find their ideal candidates. He covers all CRM application resource needs, specializing in Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

Chris explains that, "if not done correctly, the implementation of a CRM platform can easily exceed the set budget when hiring managers have to roll off unqualified resources causing lost time and momentum in the project".

Getting in touch with Chris can help I.T. leadership in a range of ways, as he helps companies cope with limited resources or time constraints while locating highly skilled staff. The right CRM recruiter gives businesses access to an experienced manager to guide the business through the selection, interviewing and on-boarding process.

This means that the company can get help with the business analysis and planning stages, in addition to managing the project from start to finish. Companies with Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft and Oracle software projects looking to hire staff can get in touch with Chris to help fulfill their challenging open positions.

Full details of the services Chris can provide are available on the URL above.

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