SOP & Task Automation Software: Boost Efficiency & Business Standardization

Mar 21, 2024

Is switching between Slack and email to get status updates driving you crazy? With Flowster’s expanding standard operating procedure template library and workflow automations, you can execute tasks and get updates for any workflow at any time.

How awesome would it be if you could do all of the following for your business on a single, one-stop-shop platform?

  • Create and customize standard operating procedures (SOPs) super-fast;
  • easily delegate tasks and manage workflows;
  • boost your business’s operational efficiency with process standardization;
  • improve your and your employees’ work-life balance;
  • hire, onboard, and train new employees quickly and easily;
  • and make your company more competitive in its niche!

With Flowster’s vast SOP library and workflow automation software, you can do all that and more! Sign up for a free seven-day trial at

What Is Flowster, Exactly?

Flowster is a workflow and process management platform with an ever-growing library of SOP templates, spanning many industries and business tasks, from sales and marketing to hiring, onboarding, training, and business blogging. These templates are designed to help your company save time and overhead expenses on process template creation and improve your operational efficiency.

Easy-Peasy SOP Creation & Customization

You can easily access Flowster's process templates in their template library. Once you've created your account, all you have to do is select the templates you want and add them to your account. What's more, they're customizable!

Offload the Grunt Work

Once you've customized a template, you can assign it to specific teams or individual employees via Flowster’s task automation software. With automated task delegation, you can take your operational efficiency to a higher level, since you won't need as much time to track workflows to completion. That means you and your employees can spend less time on repetitive tasks - and less time on work overall - improving everyone's work-life balance.

Flowster Will Give You More than a Fighting Chance

With Flowster’s SOP library and task automation software, you can also standardize and streamline your business processes to improve your competitiveness within your niche. The templates’ high level of detail helps you and your employees prevent process errors, increasing the accuracy of everyone's work and putting you ahead of competitors who are not streamlining their business documentation and workflow execution.

Take the Crazy Out of Your Workflow Management

Once you've assigned the tasks in your SOP, you or anyone on your team can check the status of any workflow in real time within Flowster's platform. This makes your workflow management much easier, so you don't have to dash like a crazy person between different channels!

Cut Out Workflow Fat with Conditional Logic

With the platform’s conditional logic, you can easily onboard and train your new employees, too. If, for example, some steps of your onboarding workflow for on-site hires don’t apply to remote hires, then you can use Flowster’s conditional logic to set a workflow that shows remote hires only the onboarding steps relevant to them.

Try Flowster for Free!

Flowster offers free, no-risk seven-day trials to all prospective customers. You can quickly set up an account and get access to all the platform's features, and you can cancel at any time, for any reason - no explanation needed.

With Flowster's SOP library and workflow automation software, you can capture, automate, and ride your workflows to higher levels of operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and competitiveness!

To sign up for a free trial, or to learn more, head on over to

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