Solve Your Best Problem: Perspectives & Statement Class For Tech Researchers

Nov 9, 2022

Think outside of the box with the new course by Macadamia Solutions, “Problem Perspectives: Solve Your Best Problem!”

Solve Your Best Problem: Perspectives & Statement Class For Tech Researchers

When you are faced with a problem, do you struggle with finding a solution or do you remember Alexander the Great and the Gordian Knot? Life is full of difficult choices, but learning to think outside of the box can help you realize that the difficulty level is actually “easy”.

Life is more like checkers, than chess.

Let Steven Wright MBA, Ph.D., JD, the CEO of Macadamia Solutions help you with his Problem Perspectives class. The one-hour course is meant for technology researchers and business professionals who want to develop and refine the problem statement.

Learn amazing techniques to develop “out of the box” problem-solving creative solutions for seemingly impossible challenges. Dr. Wright uses a 9-Dot puzzle example that can only be solved by drawing lines outside the original nine dots to emphasize the value of shifting your perspective outside the pre-defined space.

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What will you learn in this course? The Problem Perspectives class will help you first capture the initial problem statement, use perspective positioning to create an alternative problem statement, create an alternative problem statement with multiple perspectives, and evaluate the alternative problem statement.

It’s a step-by-step instruction on cutting that Knot of confusion!

A “problem” is often conceived as an event or circumstance that highlights the discrepancy between the current state and some desired future state (usually what you want to achieve). Traditional schools of thought followed a linear pattern of logic; where Y must be applied if X is observed, and so on. While this has several benefits for most problems, there are some modern challenges that require a more dynamic way of thinking.

Think about it! We are living in a world that has gone through and is STILL going through drastic changes, from our economies to our health to our international relations.

We can also see these changes in today’s business landscape, where many executives are challenged to solve problems that don’t have a precedent. Applying an old - though reliable - strategy for an entirely new event may not be as effective or efficient as intended.

Newer problems need newer solutions, and the Problem Perspectives class is just what you need.

The Problems Perspectives course re-works traditional thinking and encourages you to change your perspectives to refine the initial problem statement. By delineating from fixed schools of thinking or emotionally-charged responses, you learn how to identify a better problem to solve.

The class includes a one-hour on-demand video and nine downloadable resources that you can complete at your own pace. Students who finish the program and submit all course requirements will receive a certificate of completion from Macadamia Solutions.

Dr. Steven Wright is committed to mentoring professionals from around the world to gain practical experience to successfully negotiate the ever-changing business landscape. He is also a successful engineer and has produced an excess of 50 US patents.

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