Solo Backpacking Comprehensive Travel Plans At Members-Only Rates: Easy Booking

Feb 28, 2024

Backpacking by yourself is an extremely growing experience, but can get pricey when there’s no one else to share travel expenses. Travorium, a little-known travel booking company, offers tourist packages for solo backpackers at rates normally only available to travel agents.

After a long winter stuck inside at the office, many are dying to get outside. Away from fluorescent lights, away from the crowds.

Are you contemplating getting back to nature with a solo backpacking trip? The solitude sounds great. Shouldering the bills yourself, though, not so much. But Travorium, a secret travel booking site, offers low, members-only rates for tourist packages for backpackers and other adventure-seekers.

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Benefits Of Solo Travel

Travel itself is a growing experience, but solo travel stretches you in ways that group trips can’t, according to a recent article from Psychology Today. Solo backpacking is extremely helpful for learning self-reliance, resourcefulness, and getting to know your strengths and weaknesses.

If you're nervous about backpacking by yourself, you're not alone. The hiking experts at REI Outfitters recommend prepping for a solo trip a little differently than a group trip. It's important to get trained in both first aid and navigation to keep yourself safe and on course. Solo hikers should always share their itinerary with someone at home, and stick with that plan so you're easier to find if something happens. You should also know and respect your limits - which is easier to do on your own than in a group.

When you're a solo hiker, you can go at your own speed, rather than moving too slowly or too quickly to keep pace with others, REI experts say. You're able to explore what you want, without compromising on obligations or expectations from others. But you're also on your own for the cost of the trip, too.

Managing The Solo Bill

Travorium, however, offers comprehensive packages for solo backpackers looking to cut costs on upcoming trips. The obscure booking platform significantly cuts costs for users looking to book lodging, cruises, rental cars, excursions, and more. Packages are offered at both domestic and international locations.

Other well-known travel booking sites are known to inflate their prices in order to increase their profits. But by cutting out unnecessary fees and other markups, Travorium is able to offer bookings at rates normally available only to travel agents. Some members save up to 70 percent off retail prices.

How It Works

Travorium’s unusual networking system allows you to build income from the trail, road, or beach using your electronic devices. Its direct sales design helps customers earn points and income to reduce travel costs as they grow their network. This model helps you break down the two barriers that limit most from traveling - time and money, according to a company representative.

“Travorium allows people to carve out time out of their busy lives to travel and experience a world most people only dream of,” a company representative said.

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