Solar Tech For HVAC Systems: Smart Control Solution Ideal For Sellers

May 25, 2023

Looking to boost your solar technology sales? To help solar industry professionals, Ecostella’s technology reduces overall costs for homeowners, eliminates cancellations, and improves profit margins.

If you're tired of making solar sales and then getting cancellations, Ecostella's innovative technology is here to make your smile sunny again!

The company's technology complements the solar industry, as it allows you to apply a more consultative sales approach. Once installed, Ecostella saves homeowners money immediately and increases offset by 10-30%. The increased efficiency also helps reduce or eliminate cancellations for all your solar sales.

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The newly-launched technology is an optimization service that works to improve the way an HVAC fan functions. When the HVAC works more efficiently, ideal temperatures are maintained, decreasing overall run-time and energy consumption. With immediate results, homeowners are more likely to stick with solar energy options.

Solar energy is a booming industry. In 2022, Americans installed enough solar panels to power over 22 million homes. For you as a solar sales representative, the ability to help homeowners transition smoothly from conventional energy to new solar technology is essential for healthy sales numbers. The Ecostella assists in this transition process. A company spokesperson says, “Ecostella is a complete home energy efficiency solution that uses a multi-faceted reduce-before-you-produce approach. All Ecostella technologies are proven, effective, affordable, and guaranteed.”

Ecostella goes hand in hand with solar technology because it helps reduce reliance on conventional HVAC systems. In addition to optimizing HVAC efficiency, Ecostella also turns off the compressor once the HVAC system’s coil has been fully energized, thereby eliminating unnecessary run-time and energy usage. The technology works automatically, without compromising homeowner comfort or requiring manual effort, and the installation process is quick and easy.

Your solar sales or solar installation organization can partner with Ecostella to help reduce solar sales cancellations by over 50%, offer third-party reassurance regarding the choice to go solar, create immediate energy savings, and deliver a tangible product with a tangible benefit.

Ecostella has a proven track record in the energy industry, and has partnered with big-name commercial entities, including McDonalds, Disney, Hilton, Marriott, and Taco Bell.

The company’s website features many positive reviews from solar sales reps as well as individual homeowners. One satisfied sales partner says, “Ecostella has just about eliminated our cancellations! Their product is great, their installers are well trained, and their service is exceptional.”

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Partner with Ecostella to boost your solar sales today!

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