Is The Official Fan App For New York Knicks: Exclusive NBA Rewards

Jan 19, 2022, the popular fan engagement app, has made new partnerships with some of your favorite teams in the NHL, NFL, and NBA – so you can get more involved in team decisions, and earn rewards not available anywhere else. Is The Official Fan App For New York Knicks: Exclusive NBA Rewards

If you haven’t heard of yet, then that’s about to change. This popular service has been exploding onto sports scenes all over the world, and gaining fans everywhere it goes. It’s been a big hit with teams, and a bigger hit with fans, who have been able to interact with their favorite teams and players on a whole new level.

With the announcement of new partnerships with the NBA and NHL, has now partnered with over 100 major sports teams globally, according to a new report from Digital Shoutout’s fan token crypto publication, Chiliz News. The service recently partnered with Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. to become the official fan rewards app for the New York Knicks and New York Rangers.

Visit if you want to learn more about the partnership between New York’s biggest teams and also recently signed agreements with 12 NHL teams in one day. Included in the latest partnerships are the Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, and Tampa Bay Lightning, as well as 9 other NHL teams. The addition of these teams brings the service to 101 partnerships, and a record-setting 505% network growth in 2021.

According to Chiliz News, is partnered with 24 major leagues or sports federations across 8 different sports, including football, motorsports, MMA, basketball, and hockey. The service provides a way for fans to connect with and chat with each other, and also lets them vote in polls to get more involved with their favorite teams.

This is not the first time that has partnered with an ownership group involved in multiple sports. The service launched a partnership in November with Kraft Sports + Entertainment, to bring their influence and rewards app to fans of the New England Revolution MLS team, and the former Super Bowl champion New England Patriots NFL team. To learn more about this partnership, please visit

The engagement app gives you access to exclusive rewards, polls, and opportunities for your favorite teams. Fans of the New England Patriots will be able to win prizes for making correct game-related predictions, for each week in the season.

Through the app, you will have access to forums and chat rooms from your favorite teams, as well as voting in polls which may directly affect a team’s decisions. Previous polls have included choosing warm up music playlists.

A spokesperson for Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. said, “We are thrilled to welcome — an industry leader in providing innovative technology to engage with sports fans — to the MSG Sports family. We look forward to working together to explore initiatives that will be mutually beneficial to our fans.”

It’s no surprise that has been a major success all over the world, there’s no better way to get involved with your favorite team, and be a part of the decision-making while also earning rewards you won’t find anywhere else. Every part of the process is a win for the team, and a win for the fans.

Visit to learn more about all the latest partnerships, and how you can get involved.

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