Smart Contract Development For Freelancers: Leverage Web3 For Creators & Writers

Aug 3, 2023

If you want to make web3 part of your freelance toolkit, Meta-Builders is here to help. You can get custom services to connect with more customers and receive secure payments!

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have heard about web3. But what does it mean for creators like you and me? Well, it's going to change the game - not least because it allows you to retain full control over your work. Meta-Builders is here to help you every step of the way!

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Web3 eliminates the need for currency exchange or intermediaries in the freelancing process through Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DOAs). This allows for faster, more secure work payments and eliminates commission fees. Meta-Builders helps you to expand your offerings in line with web3 developments.

For years, freelance creators have struggled with the constraints of web2 models that charge high commissions and limit control. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr connect you to clients but take up to 20% of project fees, which reduces potential earnings when you're trying to grow your businesses.

Web3 changes the dynamic by giving you a higher level of control - decentralized services run on blockchain technology that cuts out middlemen, which means you can sell services directly to clients as NFTs, retaining ownership of your work. Meta-Builders helps you optimize your operations for this new environment.

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The Meta-Builders team builds custom smart contracts to fit your specific needs, which automate processes like payments, rights management, and royalties. Meta-Builders also creates metaverse integrations so you can offer digital experiences beyond traditional services.

In addition to development services, Meta-Builders provides guidance on community activation - one of web3's most powerful features. You can leverage social tokens and DAOs to build engaged networks around your personal brand or niche, which creates new recurring lead-generation opportunities.

Meta-Builders aims to empower you with web3 technology. The team frees you from restrictive platforms so you can build thriving businesses owned by your community.

A spokesperson states: "Meta-Builders is a passionate community of industry partners building in Web3 and the Metaverse. Blockchain technology has brought to the internet a base money layer, enabling easy digital payments. Our background in digital payments has allowed us to create easy on-ramps for multiple dimensions of digital commerce."

Web3 is the future, and the future is closer than you think. If you want to be ready to thrive, talk to Meta-Builders today!

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