Smart Carpet Cleaning In Loveland Offers Commercial Stain & Debris Removal

Jun 1, 2023

If your carpets need cleaning, don’t do them the old-fashioned way! Give the innovative technology that SMART Carpet Cleaning (970-576-4822) in Loveland, CO provides!

Carpets are a nice feature to have in a house, but man can they get dirty in a hurry! Dirt, dust, and debris get trapped in the fibers quickly, turning the carpet a different color entirely. But thanks to SMART Carpet Cleaning, you no longer have to worry about your carpet looking grubby!

The Loveland, CO company offers long-lasting residential and commercial carpet cleaning. Their technology uses static attraction to remove soil and residues while leaving carpets virtually moisture-free.

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Many carpet cleaning companies still use steam to clean carpets. However, while steam cleaning has been around for many years, it also has a lot of drawbacks. Conversely, SMART Carpet Cleaning’s proprietary technology offers results that traditional steam cleaning can’t.

The Loveland location offers the same residential and commercial carpet cleaning services as SMART's other locations. For residential properties, they can clean most types of carpets. They assess the soiling, stains, and other blemishes in every situation and treat them accordingly.

As far as commercial properties, the process is very similar, only on a larger scale. They provide their services to property management companies, the hospitality industry, senior living facilities, real estate brokers, and more.

Their technology—SMART, which stands for Soil Mobilization And Removal Technology—can be used on all carpets. It uses charge differential to transfer soil and other residues from carpet fiber to static-attraction pads.

During a typical service, SMART Carpet Cleaning’s experts will start by doing HEPA-rated vacuuming and perimeter edging. They then target particularly soiled areas with an effective spotter product that leaves no residues. Once done with that, they start the soil removal via static-attraction transfer. They finish the process with a final carpet grooming.

SMART is also more eco-friendly than traditional steam cleaning. It uses 1/10th the amount of water, very few chemicals, and absolutely no pre-sprays, so carpets will stay clean for much longer. The pads used in the process are also washable, so they can be reused as much as needed. The technology is also recognized as Certified Deep Cleaning by the Carpet & Rug Institute.

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“With our SMART technology you don’t have to run hoses through the house, or stay off the carpets for hours on end, or open windows and run fans to get rid of smells,” said a spokesperson for the company. "The moment we leave your house is back to normal. We’re opening our new location in Loveland so the people there can experience this too."

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