Small Business Automation Training: How To Use Tools To Improve Efficiency

Mar 21, 2024

Take the time and labor costs out of your business’s grunt work and put it into your more creative and strategic endeavors with “Automate And Grow”! They have an online platform where you’ll find an abundance of resources on business automation.

Are outdated, inefficient business automation tools making you sweat the small stuff in your business processes, like data entry or order processing? Need an upgrade to your automation tools? Or want to get started with some and watch your cost-efficiency, accuracy, scalability, and competitive advantage skyrocket?

Join a Community of Ambitious Business Owners!

The business automation experts at “Automate And Grow” have the answer: a brand-new online community where you’ll find copious resources on how to automate your business processes, which you can check out here:

Level the Field So Your Business Can Grow

“Automate And Grow” wants to level the playing field of the growth game for smaller enterprises like yours by simplifying business automation technology, transforming it from a clunky tool set into a streamlined lever for your business's growth and enhanced efficiency. The company demystifies this technology through its online platform, where you'll find plentiful resources designed specifically for small business owners, including:

  • three extensive courses,
  • weekly mastermind sessions, and
  • tailored one-on-one consultations.

The Future of Consumerism Is Online

A January 2024 Forbes Advisor report notes over 25 percent of all business is being conducted online and over 75 percent of American consumers visit a business’s website before its brick-and-mortar location. “Automate And Grow” aims to provide small businesses like yours with the necessary tools to build and automate your e-commerce and other processes so you can get in touch with these growing trends. This way, if your business has a physical location, you can boost your customer intake without depending upon only word of mouth or foot traffic.

Learn All About Business Automation

The first tool is a three-course set covering all aspects of business automation. As a new member, you'll first view an introductory video on how the community works and how you can gain access to its programs. Then you'll have access to three courses covering business automation for marketing and sales, customer acquisition, and revenue growth.

Empower Yourself Through Others

You'll find the second tool, the weekly mastermind sessions, on a platform where you can learn from your community peers, share best practices, and network. These sessions execute two of “Automate And Grow’s” core values of empowerment and community.

Implement According to Your Unique Needs

Lastly, “Automate And Grow” offers you one-on-one consultations where you'll get individualized guidance and support to implement the automation solutions you've learned about on the platform. These consultations and support for implementation deliver on “Automate And Grow’s” core values of growth and innovation.

About "Automate And Grow"

“Automate And Grow” was founded by Roman Walther, an expert in B2B marketing and sales who enjoys communicating his insights about B2B tech-human synergy. He established his platform to educate business owners like you about the best automation tools to streamline your business processes for greater growth and efficiency.

“Our core mission is to empower small business owners by demystifying technology, making the complexities of business automation accessible and actionable,” Roman said. “We strive to be the leading platform in business automation education, fostering a supportive environment where small business owners and freelancers can learn, network, and grow together.”

"Simplify to Amplify"

Automate And Grow's motto is "Simplify to Amplify." Their platform allows you to amplify your business success through a wealth of educational resources and a supportive community for peer education and networking, with a clear focus on measurably and significantly improving business growth and efficiency.

Check out "Automate And Grow's" learning resources and online community at

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