Skip Winter Blues and Set Yourself for Success in 2024 With Salt River Therapy

Dec 12, 2023

Salt River Therapy is increasing its focus on these areas to help people get over the winter blues, recover from the stress of the holidays, and look forward to a brighter, stronger, and more optimistic 2024.

Salt River Therapy, a highly regarded boutique therapy clinic based in Brooklyn, New York, is increasing its availability this winter to better assist people struggling with the "winter blues." Many people's emotional health suffers after the holidays because of the wide variety of feelings that surface. With the aid of Salt River Therapy, 2024 may be ushered in with more positivity and strength.

Salt River Therapy is a private practice in Brooklyn, New York, serving adults with both individual and couple's counseling. Teresa Thompson, LCSW founded the clinic with the goal of helping clients through difficult changes in life, difficult relationships, and personal development. Visit to find out more about Salt River Therapy and the services they provide.

When winter arrives, many people experience a period of depression known as the "winter blues." There are a number of mental health issues that can arise when the days become shorter and the temperature drops, including seasonal affective disorder (SAD), anxiety, sadness, and post-holiday stress.

Teresa Thompson, Founder and Senior Therapist at Salt River Therapy, highlights the importance of addressing these issues: "The winter season can be emotionally challenging for many people. The cumulative stress of the holiday season, the transition into the new year, and the impact of reduced daylight can take a toll on mental well-being."

Jack Skelton, Associate Therapist at Salt River Therapy, adds, "It's crucial to recognize that seeking therapy during this time can be a powerful step toward managing the winter blues and building resilience. Therapy provides individuals with the tools to cope with the unique challenges of this season."

Individuals facing a wide range of difficulties may find comfort and strength in engaging in therapy this winter:

1. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): SAD is characterized by symptoms of depression that occur with the changing of the seasons. Therapy can help individuals develop strategies to combat these symptoms and enhance their mood.

2. Holiday Aftermath: The stress and emotional intensity of the holiday season can linger well into the new year. Therapy assists individuals in processing their feelings and setting positive intentions for the year ahead.

3. Coping with Isolation: Winter's colder weather and shorter days can lead to feelings of isolation. Therapy offers a supportive space to address these emotions and explore ways to connect with others.

4. Navigating Uncertainty: As the new year begins, individuals may confront feelings of uncertainty or unmet expectations. Therapy can help individuals establish clear goals and constructive strategies for the year ahead.

Salt River Therapy understands that more help is needed now more than ever before. The practice is increasing its accessibility so that more people may get the aid they need. Clients have the option of receiving assistance via video chat or visiting their practice in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn.

"Winter blues should not be underestimated, and seeking support is a sign of strength," Teresa Thompson emphasizes. "Our therapists are dedicated to helping clients build resilience and a more positive outlook for 2024."

Salt River Therapy is dedicated to providing a comfortable, accepting, and private environment for individuals to work on their emotional well-being. Their therapists are prepared to help them face the winter's difficulties head-on and get back on the road to emotional health. Take the first step and set up a time to talk with their therapists by scheduling an initial phone consultation with them.

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