Simple Moving Cost Estimates For Fort Lauderdale Apartments: DIY Vs Movers

Apr 9, 2024

Before you start packing, find out what it’s worth to DIY, or if you’d rather hire a professional. makes it super easy, just answer a few quick questions to get up to 7 fast estimates from top-rated local experts, 100% free, with no obligation.

Not a lot of people know this - but picking things up and putting them down again is kind of a specialty of mine.

Did you know, though, that the way you use your muscles in the gym, and the way you use them to, say, lift a couch, are entirely different? So even if you're a tough guy, or gal, it might be a good idea to hire a professional mover. Before you do though, get a free cost estimate, the easy way - at (just click here.)

Know The Costs, Before You Start Moving Couches

If moving your own furniture is something you want to do, or you really need to save the money, I understand that - but here's what I think.

Before you start doing all the hard work, it's worth at least finding out what it would cost to hire a professional, because there's a trick to it. It's actually pretty easy, I don't know why everyone doesn't do it.

It's like this - just do the parts you want to do, the most cost-effective parts, and get a professional for the hard bits.

If you don't know which is which, that's easy too - because, which is an entirely free, no-strings-attached online resource, explains everything. The website is packed tighter than my moving truck with guides, expert strategies, and other info that can really help you out.

How To Calculate Costs First, Fast

You're a busy person, so am I, so I won't draw this out.

There are three strategies, and one of them is terrible, don't do that one - it's called "winging it," and we're not even going to talk about it. This is moving homes, it's serious, so plan it.

  1. Use the free guide from (click here) to estimate how much stuff you have, what the obstacles are, and how much it's likely to cost. It's a fair amount of math, but they explain it all.
  2. Use the free cost estimate tool from (click here) to get an actual estimate, from a top-rated moving crew, in your area.

Maybe you've guessed, but I prefer method 2.

Here's why - you're not guessing using a calculator that could be wrong for your state, or could be out of date, and you're also getting in direct contact with the crews that would be doing the work.

Oh, also you get up to 7 estimates from different local crews, all with no cost or obligation... so that's a bonus too.

DIY Vs. Professional Options

Here's where we can really start to save some money, without breaking our backs - this is what I suggest.

Combine the two.

Like this, start by using the quote tool - that will let you get up to 7 quotes, and it will narrow down your local options. Then just talk to whichever looks like the best choice, and ask them how you can best reduce the rates by doing some DIY work.

Maybe the best option is to pack and unpack by yourself, while having the experts carry?

The exact best options will depend on lots of things, like how many stairs there are, if there's an elevator, how far it is to walk, and how many boxes you have.

The good news is, it's never been easier to get in direct contact with the best local experts... after they've given you a price estimate.

If you ask me, that's Easy Mode.

Don't ask me though - ask the top local movers in your area.

Just fill out the single form, for up to 7 quotes, absolutely free, with no obligation - it's that easy. Get your quotes at

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