Sign Up For Newmarket, QLD Group Fitness Membership Program With Pool Access

Jul 18, 2023

Looking to drop some weight or transform your body? With PrimalThenics’ group fitness studio memberships, you can get fit and feel amazing in no time.

Ditch the excuses, lace up those sneakers, and join PrimalThenics on a journey to improve your mobility and flexibility in Newmarket, Queensland.

The studio memberships are designed to help you improve your physical well-being and achieve your fitness goals, with a focus on strength, cardio, and mobility programs. With the membership, you are given access to the gym and swimming pool in Newmarket as part of your fitness training routine.

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As a member of the program, you can participate in three weekly group classes and Saturday all-in team sessions. You are also given access to advanced Exxentric flywheel training and ice pool sessions at Ascot Aquatics Centre.

At PrimalThenics, fitness training sessions consist of a diverse range of exercise programs that cater to different aspects of fitness, including strength, cardio, and mobility. You are introduced to a series of techniques that aim to improve communication between your brain and joints. Following these are mobility drills and strengthening exercises to identify any restrictions and promote an expanded range of motion.

As a member of PrimalThenics, you can access a library of training videos featuring Olympians, ex-professional athletes, and other experts in health, performance, and psychology through their custom app. The app offers over 200 on-demand sessions and a library of 1,000 videos, so you can remain active regardless of your location.

PrimalThenics adds new workouts every week, and through a live channel, you will have the opportunity to receive guidance and instruction from Olympic gold medalist coach Chris Miller. You also receive customized nutrition guidance and can take advantage of an Evolt body scan every six weeks to keep track of your health parameters.

PrimalThenics is led by Chris Miller, a mobility and physical conditioning specialist, who leverages more than two decades of coaching experience and personal rehabilitation to support individuals in achieving their goals and maintaining good health.

A satisfied client said: "I am amazed at what Chris has done for my strength, flexibility, mobility, and breathing in only 7 sessions. I am now doing handstands, cartwheels, and basic breakdance moves, which I haven’t been able to do for over 20 years. It’s been a life-changing experience, and I look forward to the next steps on my journey."

It's time to leave those boring gym routines behind and embrace a fitness journey that will leave you empowered to live a better and healthier life.

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