Shorting 101: Learn Short Selling Strategies From This Day Trading Chat Room

May 23, 2023

Are your short selling losses getting out of control? Struggling to make the kind of impact in the stock market that you’d hoped for? Get a pro mentor at My Investing Club and hack your learning curve in half!

Wanna become a better short seller? Come and join My Investing Club's amazing trader network and learn the techniques that will push your profits to the next level!

If you're struggling, the popular day trading education platform helps you adopt new strategies for consistent performance in all market cycles. Its tutorials on short selling are just a part of an already comprehensive suite of training tools you can access once you sign up.

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The platform is built around the MIC chatroom - an online community that provides a space for like-minded trading enthusiasts from across the globe to connect with and support one another in their quest for financial self-sufficiency. This thriving forum is augmented by the platform's flagship mentoring program which offers you one-to-one coaching from professional traders.

Short selling essentially involves a form of wager that a stock will drop in price. These stocks are borrowed and sold to other traders before the short seller buys them back and returns them to the lender. The seller's profit is derived from the difference between the purchase and sale price. While this technique proves successful for many traders, it comes with a great deal of risk and requires accomplished analysis skills and finely-tuned predictive reasoning to avoid losses.

With MIC, you can mitigate these risks by learning how to factor in margin interest and stock-borrowing costs and manage dividend payments. Other topics covered by the mentoring panel include leveraging margin accounts to maintain short positions and incorporating both short-selling and hedging strategies to limit your losses.

The platform hosts weekly webinar sessions featuring live market recaps. You'll also get daily trading blueprints before the market opens for business. All tutorials are recorded and stored in MIC's large video encyclopedia of training resources. You can access this on-demand from anywhere in the world!

With the mentorship, you'll benefit from industry-leading access to a personal coach - available seven days a week via voice call or direct messaging. The program is currently available at a reduced rate of $3,995 for one year. Other resources include a podcast series that features discussions and interviews with leading traders and platform members. Learn more at

A spokesperson says, “Two of the biggest hurdles aspiring traders face are not having their questions answered in their current chatroom and not having them answered by experienced mentors. Our mentors answer questions quickly and thoroughly to keep our members advancing rapidly.”

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