Shamrocks Plumbing and Heating Reveals New Case Study On Hot Water Heaters

Aug 19, 2016

New report compares traditional hot water tanks and on demand, tankless water heaters. Homeowners looking to replace an old water heater are best advised to research costs associated to both brands and types.

Shamrocks Plumbing and Heating revealed their new case study today on the new breed of residential hot water heaters. This case study demonstrates how to choose the best hot water heater for residential needs. The case study also makes it obvious that savings based on hot water usage is possible, and that many people fell it is important to look at usage and installation costs combined.

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Shamrocks Plumbing and Heating owner Brent Alward says there are many people looking for insights and answers regarding whether or not they should invest in a tankless water heater or stay with the traditional storage type of hot water tank.

Purchase and Installation Costs:

Tankless water heater prices are more expensive initially, but cost less to run overall. Whereas the older style of hot water tank (storage system) is cheaper up front, but consumes more energy. In both cases it is best to consult with a professional when but choosing what type of water heater to go with.


There are many factors involved in replacing a hot water heating system. Most traditional hot water tanks will last 10 years and are easy to replace. The most expensive models may last a few years longer but that relies heavily on maintenance such as annual tank flushing.

On demand water heaters usually last longer and cost less to operate. Installation will be a little more expensive if the unit is replacing a hot water tank storage unit because a little extra plumbing will be required. Click here for a Government report on tankless water heaters -

The tankless water heater models are slightly more expensive when comparing quality, but as described in the government research, usage expense is less than traditional systems. For those searching online for water heater prices, tankless water heaters range from a low of $150 for an under-sink unit to $2000 or more for a whole house unit. When compared with $400 to $1200 for the regular storage-tank types (not including installation fees).

Typical Life Spans:

This question is best suited to a consultant who can look up the specifications for individual units. In almost all brands, quality ranges from low-end to high quality with varying manufacturer warranties available, depending on where the unit is purchased.


The cost of replacing a storage type hot water tank is not much less than a tankless water heating system. Cost savings are greater with on demand than storage, but some people still opt for the traditional choice mainly because they are used to it. Studies show that tankless hot water heaters cost less to operate as long as the calculations have been done correctly for the needs of the home.

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