SGB Injections For PTSD In Menlo Park: Long-Lasting & Effective Treatment

Sep 19, 2023

If you suffer from PTSD in the San Francisco Bay Area, Soft Reboot Wellness (+1 650-419-3330) offers SGB injections that can help to reset your fight-or-flight response.

PTSD is not some vague catch-all condition. There is a growing body of science around what’s happening in your nervous system and, more importantly, how to address it.

One of the most promising techniques is stellate ganglion block (SGB), and Soft Reboot Wellness is a leading center of expertise in the wider San Francisco Bay Area.

So, let’s get the science bit out of the way. The stellate ganglion is a cluster of nerves in your neck that’s involved in regulating your fight-or-flight response. When you suffer from PTSD, that switch gets stuck in the ‘on’ position, so you’re in permanent fight-or-flight mode. SGB injections act to reset your system.

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Soft Reboot Wellness is one of the leading providers of SBG treatments in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they also specialize in IV ketamine therapy. All programs are developed and administered by Dr. Sara Herman, a board-certified cardiac anesthesiologist, and a graduate of both Harvard Medical School and Columbia University.

A recent report from summarizes the current science on SGB therapy, stating that the procedure has success rates of 75%, with positive effects lasting for periods of several months or, in some cases, years. In comparison to weekly trauma therapy, SGB removes the need for ongoing attendance, eliminating the problems associated with patient drop-out or discontinuation.

Soft Reboot Wellness states that its SGT treatments are not a cure for PTSD, but the clinic agrees with that relief can be felt for several months. The center carries out an in-depth consultation with you prior to recommending either SGB or ketamine infusion therapies, and states that you may have more benefits if they’re used as part of a holistic approach.

“It is thought that experiencing trauma can cause the stellate ganglion to become hyperactive, triggering and re-triggering our fight-or-flight response long after the traumatic event occurred,” a clinic representative explained. “SGB involves injecting local anesthesia near the stellate ganglion nerve cluster as a means of regulating—or ‘rebooting’—a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system response.”

About Soft Reboot Wellness

Clinic founder Dr. Sara Herman MD began to research the potential of psychedelic healing after her own encounter with mental health challenges when being treated for breast cancer in 2017. Now a member of several leading centers of expertise, Dr. Herman aims to introduce these cutting-edge treatments to clients in the wider San Francisco Bay Area.

“I recently did a Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) at Soft Reboot Wellness, as I struggle with anticipatory anxiety and there's a lot of research that a single SGB can be really helpful in this regard,” one client recently stated. “The procedure felt trivial physically. There was just a bit of pressure on my neck. Since the treatment, I've noticed a meaningful reduction in this kind of unwelcome anxiety.”

SGB and IV ketamine infusions offer new hope if you suffer from mental health difficulties, and Soft Reboot Wellness is a leading light in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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