Set Effective Goals & Achieve Your Personal Or Business Targets In 2017 With This Free E-book

Dec 25, 2016

Sabine Matharu, CEO of Reach For Greatness, released an innovative free e-book called “Goal Setter Guide”, a practical free e-book on personal, business and marketing goal management. Come up with a solid plan for 2017, focus on the most feasible goals, and reap the fruits of your success only with this great free e-book!

Sabine Matharu, CEO of Reach For Greatness, has released a new free e-book called “Goal Setter Guide”, a practical e-book on personal, business and marketing goal setting.

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Goal setting is one of the most pressing problems for both personal and career life, as it is the foundation of all future achievements. Solid career and personal goals are many times essential for success, as it is only with constant work towards a set target that progress becomes possible.

Especially with the current year coming to an end, many people are interested in effective goal setting strategies for both personal and business purposes. Marketing strategies many times depend on goal setting for measurable progress, and business executives need to be knowledgeable in both solid target planning and goal management techniques.

The internet is a rich resource for goal setting tips and strategies. However, many online articles lack specificity and practicality, as they are usually limited to presenting generalities.

“Goal Setter Guide”, the new e-book from Sabine Matharu, attempts to offer a complete perspective on the most effective goal setting strategies for 2017, while also helping people avoid the common psychological pitfalls associated with negative goal setting habits.

According to Sabine Matharu, perseverance in spite of failure is essential: “"I know many of us won’t have achieved everything on the list, and that is OK. Don’t beat yourself up about it. One needs to celebrate what they have achieved . It’s important to plan the next year thoroughly. This way, one will build confidence, resulting in more productive outcome."

The new e-book focuses both, on personal and business goal management, including strategies that are applicable to anyone wishing to set achievable personal and career goals for 2017. “Goal Setter Guide” helps its readers identify feasible goals, leverage previous learning, plan the top 3-5 goals for the year to come, and come up with a way to achieve these goals.

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