Seniors In Hamburg Enjoy On-Call At-Home Care & Assistance With Household Chores

Dec 16, 2022

Thanks to Hamburg’s Dietrich Wienecke and Philipp von Cramm, ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat (040-696328-458) is transforming the lives of seniors. Live safely and independently in your own home with on-demand personal assistance services.

Seniors In Hamburg Enjoy On-Call At-Home Care & Assistance With Household Chores

One of the things that's most frustrating for those who've reached their retirement years is that people seem to think seniors become frail or even incapacitated the instant they turn 65.

This is a myth that needs busting. If you're a senior living in Hamburg, you know that all you really need is just a little extra support with your daily activities.

ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat is here to provide you with that support.

Reach out for help with chores, the garden, transportation and personal accompaniment to your medical appointments, even bill payments, contractor services, or someone to come over and fix an appliance that's on the fritz. ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat is here for you.

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ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat meets the needs of those in that "grey area." Sure, you're not as spry as you were in your 30s and 40s, but you're nowhere near the senior's home stage - if that'll ever be your cup of tea. And since you can't always call on your friends and family every time you have a doctor's appointment or you need to zip to the bank, it's good to know there's someone available to help.

Someone who's waiting to help.

ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat was founded by long-time friends and business associates Dietrich Wienecke and Philipp von Cramm, gentlemen who are committed to the equitable well-being of all citizens in Hamburg. This means doing what they can to help you age in place and live the daily life you want.

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Priced at a fraction of what other professional services charge, ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

They even have a 24-hour emergency service so you know you're well cared for and in good hands.

A recent study published by Shout Out UK, an advocacy organization for seniors found close to 50% of individuals 65 and over require some form of assistance with daily activities. Dietrich and his associate are spotlighting a gap in infrastructure that isn't built to address the holistic needs of the aging population in Hamburg.

The number of older people in Europe who need care and support in their daily lives has been increasing for years. Unfortunately, the number of available caregivers is not increasing at a commensurate rate.

Studies have also found that the social mobility of the working population is changing. Family and friends are living farther away from their aging parents and are therefore not available to offer the everyday support they'd like to provide.

The German media is now calling this a nursing emergency.

All it takes to help is one small group of people with a big impact concept.

ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat is that big impact concept.

ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat goes beyond standard nursing to offer personal assistance in the same manner you'd expect from family. Their goal is to help you enjoy a full and resilient lifestyle, free of worry over obligations or chores you might find yourself struggling to complete.

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A spokesperson for ECKERMANN Privatsekretariat says, “With our network of service providers we ensure you get the support you need in all areas of your life. We can help coordinate with your relatives, set up independent solutions, or both, it’s all up to you. We keep in touch with you regularly and are available for you around the clock.”

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