Self-Publishing Coach Offers Book Outline For Fast Writing

Jul 11, 2023

Writing a book is a huge project – where to start? RLS Creativity provides coaching services – including personalized consultations, email support, writing templates, and expert advice – for aspiring authors, so you can get your book in readers’ hands in six months or less!

Interested in becoming a self-published author or in building your own business? Want to make a business out of your writing? RLS Creativity has the expertise to help you be among the 3% of aspiring authors who actually get published - and their coaching success rate is 100%!

Their coaching services are designed exactly for would-be authors and entrepreneurs like you. You'll learn the key principles of deep and consistent creative work that will help you write your book or build your business. Founder Ruth L. Snyder's coaching sessions will guide you through the step of choosing achievable goals and empower you with simple strategies to meet those goals.

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RLS Creativity has expanded their services with an eye to the significant increase over the last few years in the number of individuals, families, and businesses that are now striving to create multiple income streams for themselves.

Bankrate, a long-standing financial services company, reports that, as of May 2023, 39% of American adults have a side hustle, and 44% think they will always need one. Having a side hustle is a good idea, especially during these tough economic times. With multiple income streams, you can save for the future, handle unforeseen changes in the economic landscape, and draw on extra resources when you're faced with financial hardship.

Ruth’s coaching offerings include bi-weekly one-on-one calls and email support. You'll get help building a solid framework for your book project, as well as time-saving tips to help you produce and publish a work that you'll be proud of. You'll also get access to writing templates and expert advice to help make writing your book a feasible goal.

Founder Ruth L. Snyder is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, international speaker, podcaster, and creativity coach. She helps entrepreneurs in the English-speaking world bring their projects to life so they can share their unique messages with the public, develop their creativity, and grow their businesses. Ruth has shared her expertise on platforms like Women in Publishing, Authority Magazine, and The Global Interview.

“Before my call with Ruth, I’d nearly given up on becoming a published author,” a happy client said. “It took me over six years to find someone who could connect with my project’s vision. During the call, Ruth helped bring clarity and renewed focus to a dormant dream in my heart. I now have a reignited hope of getting my message out to the world!”

Achieve your goals, get published, develop a successful career, move ahead in your work and life... you can do it all with RLS Creativity.

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