This “Author Midwife” Helps You Self-Publish A Bestseller In 2023

Jul 11, 2023

Self-publish your bestselling book in a year with Ruth L. Snyder! The international speaker, author, and writing coach is on a mission to help more authors complete their writing journeys and publish their first book with ease and grace.

Have you always dreamed of publishing your own book but always struggled toward the finish line? With this coaching program, you can write and publish a bestselling book in just a year!

That’s right! No more figuring out what to do next or being defeated by writer’s block. Ruth L. Synder is a trusted coach who has a 100% success rate with her clients.

Ruth L. Snyder of RLS Creativity offers an intensive six-month coaching program to help entrepreneurs self-publish their first (or next) book. The coaching program includes bi-weekly one-on-one calls, email support, and access to templates needed for publishing.

The program is designed for “knowledgepreneurs” who want to simplify their writing and publishing journey. Having self-published several bestselling books herself, Ruth provides the framework, along with timesaving tips, to help you write and publish a high-quality and bestselling book within a year.

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Ruth explains that her program addresses the millions of aspiring authors who fail to publish their first book in time, if at all. She says that out of all the writers who intend to publish a book, only 3% are able to do so, and only after much difficulty. Ruth is committed to helping you complete your writing journey and improve the self-publishing rate to double digits.

While the goal of the program is to allow you to self-publish your own book, Ruth also offers the option to publish with her own publishing house, Creativity Press. The publishing house specializes in non-fiction books while providing market research, book formatting, and book publishing services, among other things.

In line with her announcement, Ruth has likewise released a new article called, “5 Steps to Getting Your Book Published”. In the article, Ruth says that the most important aspect of writing a book is market research. While all stories deserve to be told, Ruth emphasizes the importance of knowing what the public wants to read, especially if you want to hit the bestseller list.

One of the best ways to conduct market research is to look at trending titles on major e-commerce sites, such as Amazon. She encourages you to find out what is selling at the moment and the themes you can use in your own books.

Keep in mind that Ruth never asks you to copy other people’s creativity—simply look at what the public wants to read at the moment. By looking at the bestseller’s list, you know the themes and motifs you can use when writing!

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As seen on her website, "Ruth L. Snyder is a Wall Street Journal Best-selling Author, International Speaker, Podcaster, and Coach. She helps entrepreneurs in the English-speaking world bring their ideas and books to life so they can share their life-changing messages with the world, resulting in business growth and more income."

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