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Jul 23, 2021

Farmer Brown Insurance Agency launches The new insurance agency site promises personalized service geared to the Spanish speaking Latino homeowners. This will be accomplished with agents specifically versed in assisting customers in their preferred language.

On our way out of this pandemic, we look for new ways to cut unnecessary expenses. It makes more sense than ever trying to replenish our drained resources . Let’s take this adverse situation as an opportunity to fix those financial leaks that were completely overlooked before. brings a new way for Spanish speaking customers to purchase insurance. Not only offering relevant information about insurance but also the opportunity to save money.

What does SeguroDeCasa offers to their clients?

Honest information about home and auto insurance policies.

A wide range of policy options on home insurance (Condo Insurance and “Walls-in”, renters insurance, landlords insurance, etc)

A thorough search for the best price on your home insurance policy giving you FREE QUOTES!!

A great customer service and what’s even better, in Spanish!!

The agents at provide free quotes with the best Insurance Companies in the country. They will help you understand about your coverages, limits and deductibles. Check out the informative videos on their site and send your basic information. One of the agents will call to schedule an appointment. It’s easy, just give yourself a chance to save money on your home insurance!

Why having a mortgage opens a door of opportunities to save money?

Buying a home is one of the most memorable moments in life. Most people that lived this dream, had also gone through the nightmarish process of dealing with the Bank to get a loan. Your home insurance was for sure part of that process. The Bank took your money to pay for your home insurance. They normally give their clients a special rate with their trusted Insurance Company. Then, the Bank assigns them an escrow account to make sure that those payments are done automatically on time. When everything is done, you’ll have a mortgage that will probably run for 30 years. Then, it’s just matter of letting time work it’s magic and you will own your house.

Time flies and without even noticing, It’s been at least 3 years since you got your mortgage. But, do you remember what does your insurance policy cover? According to a survey mentioned by PR Newswire, 49.4% of surveyed homeowners, don’t understand about their insurance coverages. The findings showed that homeowners underestimate the amount of money they can save with their home insurance. So, ask yourself: Do you really know what your coverages are? Do you remember how much you’re paying for your home insurance? is working to change the motto from “under served Latino homeowner market” to “the well informed Latino homeowners market.” This new site brings to their clients a new way to experience the process of the insurance acquisition. The agents offer a personalized service to make sure you get a good deal on your policy.

You already went through the whole process of making the biggest purchase of your life. It’s time to use the power of knowledge to save money on your home insurance. Take this opportunity to make a well informed purchase of Homeowner insurance.

Inside information you may not know.

There’s an evolution of the home insurance acquisition. Now a days, Insurance Companies update their products according to their clients needs. Also, most insurance companies saw the opportunity to increasing their sales volume by developing new products. Some of these new products offer the same coverages as the older versions of them, but at a much lower price. This practice is very common over the years. Insurance companies release their new products but don’t take the time to tell their older Non-English speaking clients about it. So, these clients are left with the former and more expensive version of the same policy. This situation is easier to overlook if you have a mortgage on your property. Why? Because the Bank sets an escrow account for the insurance payments. Since those payments are already set to be deducted automatically, a great number of clients don’t even remember how much they are paying for their home insurance. And ultimately, many people don’t understand about their coverages and limits. Homeowners trust their insurance carrier and don’t pay attention to those updates causing a waste of money.

Why do Spanish Speaking Homeowners miss out chances to save on their home insurance?

The reason is simple, homeowners lack of relevant information. When you bought your home, your main goal was to get through the whole process as fast as possible. Now, it’s time to re-focus your attention to your home insurance. Homeowners overpay their insurance year after year for different reasons. For example, most clients don’t buy their home and auto insurance from the same company. As a result, they don’t have access to special rates. And, what’s even worse, is the large number of customers that overpay their home insurance do so for unfair reasons. The Spanish speaking Latino homeowners have struggled with lack of clear and honest information for quite long time. The dependence on relatives and interpreters to be able to communicate, have opened a gap that needs to be filled. Can you imaging over-paying your home insurance for many years because of a language barrier? made sure all it’s agents are fully bilingual to make the communication easy and fluid.

Don’t settle! You could have a better home insurance policy at a better price. released a campaign that focus it’s efforts in the Spanish-speaking Latino Market. Why? Because nobody needs to blindly accept and settle for what the Bank or any insurance carrier offer. Considering that having homeowners insurance is not only an investment in your peace of mind but also a requirement from your mortgage lender, this is the opportunity to make the best out of something you need to have. Specially, if you feel like the language barrier has an impact in your decision making process. You can switch your insurance company whenever you want. You can be certain that there is a better option for you out there. Shop around with Just call one of our agents at 773 657 2272 and start saving!

Written by Laura Aguinaga

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