Secure NVQ Level Accredited UK Construction Qualifications

Jun 16, 2020

A new App based NVQ L3 course has been launched aimed at people who want to gain an NVQ level 3 qualification so they are more valuable to employers at a time when work is less reliable. Skill Match Resources says our new App based qualifications that require NO site visits are the quick, easy and most flexible way to get a qualification that will make a difference to you future work prospects.

Do you want to gain your CSCS Gold card? Would you like a flexible course that fits with your work? Are you interested in an affordable course where you can pay-as-you-go? If you have answered ‘yes’, this is the course for you!

Skill Match Resources, a specialist course provider for the construction sector, has launched a new affordable App based NVQ level 3 course aimed at ambitious trades people and those looking to go in to management.

You can find out more about the course at

This is a new App based pay-as-you-go NVQ L3 course, which enables you to pay weekly while gaining an NVQ level 3 qualification. As the company works with awarding bodies CSkills/NOCN, City & Guilds, and GQA, it has developed a quick, easy, and convenient approach to getting you your qualification and Gold CSCS Card.

In 2005 the Government and construction industry jointly announced the need for all sites in London to work towards a shared goal. That goal was that all trade workers would have a skilled worker CSCS blue card. Without one, you workers would find it hard to get on site, now the majority of workers have a blue CSCS card, having one does not distinguish you from the rest anymore, but a CSCS Gold card does, it sets you apart, ensures you stand out from the crowd and more valuable to employers.

The world has changed, the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic will be far reaching and the economy and work prospects will be adversely affected for many years to come. For most securing work, providing for our families and those we care about is a priority. Research completed over the last 20 years has produced a clear link between those with better qualifications earning more money, having more career opportunities and having greater job security. If you want to protect your future and earnings then getting an NVQ L3 will help you.

Skillmatch Resource realised the need for you to be able to access an affordable course that would fit in with your work. The course launched by Skillmatch Resource is the first of its kind and enables you to quickly gain your NVQ level 3 qualification and Gold CSCS card with NO disruption to your work a qualification you can do for the first time without the need for Assessors to visit you on site..

Skill Match Resources, we offer the most affordable, quickest, easiest and most flexible method for you to secure your future by getting better qualified.

A happy attendee said: “I wanted to secure a Gold CSCS Card to get ahead and give me a better chance for work at this difficult time, many training providers wanted the course cost upfront. I wasn’t sure about this option, but luckily, I found out about Skill Match. They told me about the pay-as-you-go options, which I liked the sound of. Getting my qualification was made easy with the App and with the great support i got, I did it in less than 6 weeks – I highly recommend signing up to this App NVQ Level 3 course.”

You can sign up via the link provided! Alternatively, you can view the app-based course at

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