Secure Crypto Privacy Wallet, Spectre Wallet is aunching

Mar 15, 2022

Everyone want`s Privacy right? How about a private and secure crypto wallet? Of course, everyone but governments would want that. Announcing Spectre Protocol`s, Spectre Wallet end of quarter one.

Secure Crypto Privacy Wallet, Spectre Wallet is aunching

At the end of Q1 Spectre Protocol is announcing the launch of its new Cryptocurrency Privacy Platform. Founder and CEO of Spectre Protocol Kenneth M. Boyer in an interview with Rob Stone the Editor of Crypto Weekly had this to say, "The idea for creating Spectre Protocol came about when a bunch of investors got together to build the best possible privacy wallet. A secure wallet with all the aspects of the most advanced technologies available in the world today. Using “crest of the wave” technologies would ensure the longevity and growth of Spectre Protocol Ecosystem on par with the state of the Blockchain today, and its inevitable integration into everything - changing the world as we know it."

Co-Founder Cody Ketsa added, “SpectreProtocol almost didn't see the light of day, when The original project was scrapped and Kenneth and I took matters into hand, reviving the project from certain doom, we overcame the issues from the initial project when we set out building meaningful and powerful relationships with other projects, media outlets, and developers. Once we had that kind of support, we committed a nice chunk of change to development of the privacy platform.”

Kenneth went on, "Spectre Protocol has done something different compared to other businesses in the Cryptocurrency space, by developing meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals. We knew these relationships were the key and important for Spectre Protocol, and along with honesty and transparency, are the core beliefs of the Spectre Protocol Team. After several months of meeting some truly amazing people, and garnering incredible support from their community, life was given to the Spectre as a means of bringing trust to the cryptocurrency community and by providing investors and users alike, the ability to actually see who the Spectre team is, who their collaborative partners are, and most importantly, the availability for any member of their community to speak directly with the team, in real-time, each and every day in the “Spectre Official” community chatroom on Telegram."

Kenneth wants the public to know, and added at the end of the interview, "Spectre Protocol will be released as part of the company’s greater plans for the community as a whole and is not just about getting our utility out to the masses, but also creating a space for questions to be answered, ideas to be shared, and relationships to be made. This goal, the first of many on our roadmap, will be achieved as our SpectreWallet, Spectre Protocol`s Flagship Utility' is released to the public in a few weeks."

Spectre Protocol`s flagship utility SpectreWallet, is set to launch end of Q1.

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Written by Robert Stone

@shake_the_web on Twitter

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