Search Engine Marketing In Salem, OR: Benefits Of Autocomplete Optimization

Sep 28, 2023

Here’s an idea: instead of doing SEO for 6 to 8 months and maybe eventually ranking on page 1, why not do autocomplete optimization and own page 1 in up to 90 days?

They used to say that the easiest person to find on the internet is an SEO expert. Used to. Not anymore - because now you can be the easiest person to find on the internet.

SEO is so 2000-and-late! Sure, it has its benefits - it does eventually (usually) get you results. However, SEO results are a fickle mistress.

  • Google updates its algorithm - you need to pivot.
  • Your competition starts doing the same thing you're doing - you need to pivot.

And that costs money - thousands of dollars per month, maybe more. All without guaranteeing any results.

On the other hand, a new marketing strategy which uses the Google autocomplete box:

  • can actually guarantee results - and it can deliver them in 60 to 90 days;
  • has a fixed monthly cost without ongoing optimization expenses;
  • improves your brand awareness, along with your ranking and traffic; and
  • lets you literally bypass the competition.

So why haven't you heard of this? Why aren't more people doing this? And what even is it? Well, it's new - so if you're reading this, congrats! You can get in on the first floor. It's called autocomplete optimization and it's kind of like SEO's more successful cousin - the one that gets all the attention and praise on Thanksgiving dinners.

Bypass the Competition: Use the Search Box to Get Ahead

You know how when you type in Google search that auto-suggestions box shows up with autocomplete results to save you time (according to Google, it saves you 200 years of typing... don't ask me to do the math). Well, that thing can actually be optimized. What I mean by that is: you can purchase a keyword phrase - and any time someone types it in, they will see that phrase with your brand name in the auto-suggestions box.

So your prospective customer will see you the moment they start their search, way before they get the chance to scope out the competition; meaning you pretty much eliminate the competition right off the bat.

Build Brand Authority & Trust: After All, Google Recommends You

People are simple. Yes, that includes you too, and me. We like to pretend we're so complex, like a puzzle that needs to be solved - but we're not. I'll prove it to you. When you Google something, do you go to page 2 or do you check the first few results on page 1 - trusting that Google knows what it's doing? If you're like most people (simple), you click on those first few results and don't even bother to scroll all the way down - let alone click on page 2.

The point is, you go where Google tells you to go because you trust that it knows what it's doing. And so does your customer. So when they start typing and see that Google is recommending you in the autocomplete box, they'll think you're the leading authority, the most expert an expert can be - and they'll be more likely to do business with you.

Simple, I told you.

Own Page One: Yes, the Entire Page

SEO can maybe get you one spot on the first page... with time and money, it can be done. But why settle for one spot, when you can get all of them? That's how autocomplete optimization works - it pretty much gives you an entire page one of Google.

Remember that customer who was searching for your services and they saw you in the autocomplete box? Well, once they click on that suggestion, they will be taken to a first page dominated by you.

And that's how you own page one.

Fast & Consistent Results, For Less Money

As I said before, SEO can get pretty expensive if you want it to actually work. Plus, it takes six or eight months for it to be fully operational - and even then it doesn't guarantee any results.

With autocomplete optimization, you get results in as little as 60 to 90 days - and that's a guarantee. In just 90 days, you will get up to 10 organic first-page results - and you only pay a flat monthly fee.

Plus, your results don't depend on the algorithm or what the competition is doing.

TotalTakeover: How to Get Your Keyword Phrase

Okay if you made it this far, I will assume your interest is piqued - so let me introduce TotalTakeover (TTO). It's basically what we've been talking about all this time - autocomplete optimization. The service is offered by ZFire Media and that's where I got all my info from and where you can get your keyword phrase.

You can either submit your own, if you're sure you know what your customers are using to find you, or you can have their team suggest keyword phrases to you based on monthly search volume, competitiveness, pay-per-click bid costs, and other factors.

In any case, once you buy a keyword phrase, it's yours - you get exclusive rights. Neat, right?

I'm generally a think-outside-of-the-box kind of person - and I think this is the first time I'm all for thinking inside of the box. If you want to read more about the advantages of this conventional and yet unconventional way of thinking, you'll find all the info at

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