Screen Employment Candidates In US: Customized Nationwide Background Reporting

Feb 25, 2024

Pittsburgh’s top employee candidate screening company Choice Background Checks now provides its custom reporting service to businesses across the US, ensuring you always get the right person for the job.

Custom Reporting To Meet Your Needs & Budget

We’ve all told one or two white lies on a resume, but sometimes it’s much more serious than that. How do you discover the truth? Choice Background Checks can investigate employment and education history, criminal background, and much more.

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The service is fully customizable, so you can tailor the checks and reports to cover the details that are most important to your business. The firm can cover almost every element you could imagine, including credit checks, corporate affiliations, and driving records.

Choice Background Checks’ service is also available to screen tenants, due diligence for high-level positions, and volunteer positions. The service can now be accessed via an online portal, and further enquiries are also welcomed.

What’s Legal and Not Legal?

While discrimination against an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, religion, or physical disability is prohibited by law, you still have the ability to satisfy yourself that a candidate is who they say they are, and that they do not have any history that may pose a risk to your organization. Most HR departments, particularly in smaller businesses, do not have the specialist skills or connections to carry out in-depth background screening.

With the latest announcement, Choice Background Checks offers comprehensive screening and reporting for businesses anywhere in the US. In addition to criminal background and drug screening, the firm can investigate a candidate’s employment history and highlight any information on a resume that may not be true or accurate.

“We offer custom pre-employment reports to suit a wide variety of needs and budgets,” a company representative explained. “Our service is fast and accurate, ensuring that businesses are able to make an informed decision without any undue delays to their recruitment process.”

About Choice Background Checks

The comprehensive screening services from Choice Background Checks now cover a wide range of requirements, including consumer credit reports, child abuse registry searches, corporate affiliation searches, county civil records, county criminal records, education verification, and more. The firm’s goal is to offer an affordable, fast, and reliable service to companies and organizations across the US.

“Using Choice Background Checks for our pre-employment screening has been a very easy process, and the reporting has also been extremely thorough,” one client recently stated. “We’ve been very impressed with the level of detail provided and also with how efficiently they’re processed.”

Ensure you get the right person for the job with comprehensive pre-employment screening from Choice Background Checks.

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