Financial Background Checks For Tenants Help Landlords Secure Their Property

Mar 6, 2024

With Choice Background Checks (412-437-8378), you can be sure that your next tenant is a truly safe choice, a person who will always pay the bills on time and who will treat your property with the utmost care and respect.

If you worked hard for many years to buy an investment property, or just to get on the property ladder, you deserve a tenant that is going to take as good care of your property as you would. And, thanks to Choice Background Checks, you can find one.

Go to to see how tenants across the US are finding the perfect tenant thanks to their comprehensive background checks.

Protect Your Property With A Background Check

With their background checking service for landlords, Choice Background Checks is committed to reducing the risk inherent in picking a new tenant by giving you clear, comprehensive, and accurate information about a tenant’s employment history and employability, criminal record, financial history, and more.

With legislation in states across the US currently shifting to grant tenants greater rights, including in issues surrounding evictions, the team at Choice Background Checks believes it is imperative for you to clearly assess your prospective tenants before accepting their application. 

Avoid An Eviction Before It Happens

With US landlords also still having to file 3.6 million eviction notices annually, according to the latest figures from Yahoo Finance, Choice Background Checks believes that a background check is a smart way to avoid any payment or property damage issues that could lead to an eviction - a process which will be costly and harmful to both you and your tenant - before they occur. 

A spokesperson for the background checking firm said, “With our help, you can screen for criminal and financial history to protect your investment. A thorough background check can protect your valuable real estate assets as well as your tenants.” 

The Most Comprehensive Tenant Screening In The US

With Choice Background Check’s tenant screening focus, they will provide you with a fast but comprehensive check that includes but is not limited to:

  1. Consumer Credit Report,
  2. County, Statewide, and National Criminal Records,
  3. Employment Credit Report,
  4. Employment Verification,
  5. Eviction Records,
  6. Federal Bankruptcy Records,
  7. Personal References, and more. 

Together, these records will allow you to make an accurate evaluation of a prospective tenant’s ability to both pay for and take reasonable care of your property while they are living in it. 

Choice Background Checks, The Smarter Choice For Criminal Screening

In addition to background checks of tenants for landlords, Choice Background Check also offers their services to businesses who are looking to hire new employees, including high-level managerial staff or business partners. They can provide their services throughout the United States and have a standard package of 36 different local, state, and federal checks that they run for each person checked. 

Choice Background Check has a simple online portal where you can apply for a check and they provide all of their services on a fast-turnaround basis. 

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure your tenant really is as good as they sound at

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