School Chaplain Official Accreditation & Verification Ensures Best Support

Jul 21, 2023

The National School Chaplain Association (405-831-3299) has a verification process that guarantees that any school that is served by one of its chaplains will receive unparalleled spiritual care.

If you are a school or district head who is looking for additional support in creating a safer and happier school community, you should consider taking on an accredited school chaplain verified by the National School Chaplain Association.

The purpose of the National School Chaplain Association’s chaplain verification process is to assure you that, when you hire a school chaplain, you are getting a highly qualified and skilled individual who is capable of providing spiritual and pastoral care of the highest order. The National School Chaplain Association appreciates that almost all teaching and school staff are now managed by nationwide criteria and accrediting bodies, and they have adopted the same principles into their own organization.

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The National School Chaplain Association also appreciates that, if you are the head of a secular school community, your community may not have historically held the church and ministerial credentials of school chaplains in the same esteem as school psychologists and counselors. This is why the organization has mandated that all their verified school chaplains have studied child and adolescent welfare to some degree and have the tools needed to provide spiritual and mental health support to your student body.

In order to become a verified school chaplain with the National School Chaplain Association, an individual must have taken their intensive or year-long training program, and should ideally come from a classroom teaching or ministerial background. In most cases, a university degree is also a prerequisite.

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Additionally, you’ll appreciate that all verified school chaplains have been trained in school safety-enhancing courses, including active shooter training.

The National School Chaplain Association currently serves over 25,000 elementary, middle, and high schools across the United States. They believe that the spiritual attributes of their school chaplains will provide an indispensable addition to your school community and can help your students to thrive.

A spokesperson for the organization said, “The National School Chaplain Association was established to promote school chaplains as a legitimate and necessary member of a school staff through national standards for school chaplains. Our trained and licensed chaplains provide counsel, education, advocacy, life improvement skills, and recovery training, providing a bridge between the secular and spiritual environments of community life throughout the United States.”

In these challenging times, having more trained, knowledgeable, and passionate care accessible to your students will only ever be a good thing.

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