Scale Your Houston Solar Installation Business With Lead Generation Strategies

Apr 23, 2024

Looking for ways to advertise your solar panel installation services? Let Solar Scale shine the light on your business with lead generation services developed just for the solar industry!

Business is booming for clean energy, meaning that solar companies have a bright future - that includes yours. But with many big players entering the scene, it’s important to get your foot through the door before you get swallowed by your competition. Solar Scale can help you with that with their proven marketing techniques and customized lead generation services. Whether you’re a small business or you’re on the road to becoming an industry powerhouse, they can come up with a marketing solution to make your brand shine brighter than any others!

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Growth Opportunities Over the Horizon

The solar industry has experienced exponential growth since the start of the year 2000. According to research by the Solar Energy Industries Association, in the last decade alone, the market for solar power has grown by 22% each year in the United States. Federal subsidies and tax incentives have been part of the driver of this growth, increasing the demand for clean energy across both the private and public sectors.

If you run a solar company, you can answer the demand and better grow your business by focusing on regions with a high amount of solar radiation per square foot. Houston is one such location; US Climate Data estimates that the city receives 2,633 annual hours of sunshine, an average of seven hours a day. This will typically enable solar panels to generate enough energy for homeowners and business owners to achieve grid independence. 

Basically, if you want to advertise solar power, Houston is a great place to start!

Solar Marketing Solutions

To help you boost brand awareness and increase ROI, Solar Scale offers comprehensive marketing strategies that focus on lead generation and sales funnel optimization. As part of its services, the team will create targeted Facebook ads, cold email campaigns, and LinkedIn outreach automation that you can use to continuously generate qualified leads. 

If you’d rather take a more hands-off approach to marketing, Solar Scale can help you with that too. Their experts also offer full-service campaign management that encompasses performance analytics and corresponding advice. They will let you know what makes your customers stick and what makes them tick.

By the way, this is a pay-per-install arrangement. That means, until you get any installations, Solar Scale is basically generating leads for you for free. They stand behind their marketing expertise, so they won’t take payment from you until you make your first sale with them!

“At Solar Scale, our mission is to empower solar companies with lead generation services tailored to the unique needs of the sector,” says a spokesperson for the company. “By leveraging our marketing strategies and deep industry insights, we connect our clients with high-quality prospects, driving growth and facilitating the transition to sustainable energy.”

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Trustworthy Partners In the Solar Sector

As solar marketing specialists, Solar Scale is committed to providing clients with cost-effective advertising solutions that will help them improve scaling and reach their business goals.

So, what are you waiting for? There are lots of solar-hungry customers out there just waiting to discover your business. Partner with Solar Scale today, and let them bring those customers to you!

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