Save On Pet Medications With Free Prescription Discount Card At Pharmacies

Jul 19, 2023

If you’ve struggled to afford meds for your furry friend, CareCard could be the ideal solution. Grab yourself a bargain today!

With this easy-to-use program from CareCard, you can access the best deals on dog medications from all your local pharmacies. Simply search for the meds you need, and it will flag up the lowest costs based on your location!

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Dog owners often require specific medication, such as fluconazole, azithromycin, or gabapentin, but not every option is covered by an insurance plan. CareCard caters to the increased demand for budget-friendly treatments, reducing the financial burden if you need to fill frequent prescriptions.

"CareCard is not insurance, so there aren't any restrictions or requirements," a spokesperson states. "Just use your CareCard coupon or discount card each time you fill a prescription to get instant savings."

Brand-name pet pharmaceuticals can be prohibitively expensive for the average family, even with pet insurance. Costs have risen on prescription drugs like antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and insulin for diabetic dogs - but CareCard gives you an immediate resource to cut these costs.

The card, available at no charge, can be presented to the pharmacist when collecting medications. The discounts are applied on the spot at checkout to reduce out-of-pocket prescription costs. The card functions similarly to using coupons at a grocery store or pharmacy for human medications. If you have existing prescription coverage like Medicare, you're eligible for the card and can use whichever provides the biggest reduction.

The company understands that some households have several dogs with different medical needs; as such, the card provides relief to owners of puppies, adults, and senior dogs alike.

In addition to the physical card, CareCard also offers a mobile app for convenient access. You can manage your membership entirely on your iPhone or Android phone, and the app allows you to check available discounts, locate nearby network pharmacies, and access your electronic coupons at any time.

A recent user said: "I love CareCard. I have insurance and I even saved $119 on one prescription. I took the coupon I printed from the CareCard website to Walgreens and they filled it with no problem."

If you're looking for an alternative option for your dog's meds, give it a try!

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