Best Ozempic Prescription Savings CareCard Supports Patients In Price Shock

May 29, 2024

Novo Nordisk announced that Ozempic supplies will be limited throughout 2024. Meanwhile, CareCard report a surge in US patients accessing savings through prescription card schemes to afford private treatment plans.

Is Your Healthcare Affordable?

You don't need a degree in economics to know when supply is low and demand is high, you're not going to get the best deal. Skimping on medical treatment isn't a smart choice, so if your insurer stops covering your prescriptions then finding ways to afford healthcare becomes a priority.

Patients are turning to CareCard, which has seen a significant increase in users specifically seeking discounts on Ozempic prescriptions.

Shortages of the popular medication are pushing up prices and leading some insurers to restrict access to the drug - so many patients are accessing discount schemes to enable ongoing access to their essential diabetes and weight loss treatments.

Why Is This Happening?

In early April, the makers of Ozempic, Novo Nordisk, confirmed shortages are likely to continue through 2024 and urged doctors to only prescribe treatments to patients already using the medication. Ozempic is a type-2 diabetes medication that helps regulate blood sugar levels. It works as an effective appetite suppressant and in the last couple of years became popular with dieters due to its convenient weekly dose schedule and frequent news stories about celebrity usage.

Rising prices have led insurers to impose restrictions, forcing some patients to fund their existing treatments privately. A diabetic patient, covered by Medicare and allergic to alternative medications, saw their weekly dose cost jump from $7 to over $70 when paying out of pocket.

How to Find Local Savings

Patients are looking to services such as CareCard to reduce the financial impact of these supply shocks. Across the US, CareCard enables discounts between 10-14% on Ozempic through bulk pricing agreements at independent stores and major retail chains.

CareCard provides free discount prescription services for individuals in the US and Puerto Rico regardless of medical insurance coverage. Since 2022 the company’s mobile application has assisted users in tracking prices and finding the best deals at local pharmacies.

CareCard explained why they set up the service, “Medications can be expensive, and sometimes insurance doesn't cover everything or give you the best price. A prescription discount card can be a better option to make essential medications more accessible without breaking the bank, ensuring you get necessary medicines without unnecessary stress.”

For more information on local Ozempic discounts, visit to get your CareCard instantly.

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