Save On Cold Storage Reefer Shipping Containers When You Rent In Fontana

Apr 29, 2024

In need of a cold storage refrigerated shipping container to transport perishable or temperature-sensitive cargo? Get a 40-ft reefer shipping container in Fontana, CA for the best industry price when you rent from the good folks at national supplier, Conexwest, (855-878-5233.)

What do fresh-cut flowers and fresh-caught seafood have in common? If they're expected to make it to their distribution channels in tip-top shape, they'll need consistent, cold-temperature shipping conditions.

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Optimize both the value and the sales price of your fruits, flowers, fish or any other precious cargo by keeping it fresh during transport when you rent a top-of-the-line reefer shipping container from Conexwest.

Known for their expertise in the supply, fabrication, and modification of shipping containers for various industries, Conexwest offers best-in-class new and used shipping and storage units at affordable prices.


If you're in need of a 40-foot heavy-duty shipping container with reliably controlled cold temperatures for the short term, your best bet is to partner with a company that knows the industry inside and out.

Optimize cash flow without sacrificing temperature versatility or consistency when you rent your reefer shipping container from Conexwest. Choose from brands like Carrier, Daikin, and Thermo King, and temperatures that range from -20°F to +70°F thanks to containers that are fully insulated with 3-inch foam across their walls, ceilings, and floors.

Here's what a spokesperson for Conexwest wants you to know:

“Our 40-foot refrigerated containers offer the lowest humidity and best temperature range available in the cold storage industry. By renting a reefer container instead of buying, you get a more cost-effective option that includes the temperature control, ventilation, and specialized technologies you need without that hefty upfront investment.”


In addition to huge savings on your shipping container's operational expenses, if your shipping needs are seasonal or sporadic you'll avoid what can amount to significant maintenance and repair costs over the long term when you rent instead of buy.

At Conexwest, you can count on a leak-proof, weather-resistant reefer container with strengthened thermal treated aluminum floors that can withstand abrasions from cargo and foot traffic while keeping your cargo elevated for proper cold air circulation.

Containers come with secure locking rods for a protective seal when closed, and are even compatible with the Cargo Door Lock system.


With Conexwest, you get same-day or next-day delivery of your reefer container as well as on-site pickup. You can keep your container for as long as you need over a month-by-month billing structure, making the most of your shipping needs regardless of your business cycle.

Whether you're a wholesaler, retailer, or exporter of fruits, vegetables, marine products, frozen and cold goods, and/or perishable items, you need assurances your goods will make their way to their destination without the slightest risk to their quality.

Get the refrigerated shipping solution you can bank on for a cost-effective alternative to purchasing when you partner with Conexwest.

Check out the Conexwest website for a custom quote, and get in touch directly to book a reefer container built to transport your goods seamlessly from point A to point B. Learn more at

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